Review: Beach Combing by Emma Lee Potter

Title: Beach Combing

Author: Emma Lee-Potter

Pages: 63 Pages

Publisher: Endeavour Press

The Blurb

Impoverished art history student Lara Rawlinson thinks she has the perfect summer all mapped out.

She is spending the holidays in Cornwall, working for the dazzling film star Jago Dunlop. As Jago swans around film-sets and throws lavish parties, Lara is left entertaining his young son Alfie.

Then one day, sunbathing on the beach, Lara is distracted by a brilliant surfer showing off in the waves.

Inspired, she decides to take a surfing lesson and catches the eye of instructors Ed and Ollie.

But which surfer will capture her heart – smooth-talking Ollie or kind-hearted Ed?

And why are the pair at loggerheads one minute and the best of friends the next?

Lara is about to find out.

Beach Combing is a sparkling romantic novella that mixes sun, surfing and an entrancing Cornish seaside setting to create a summer read that is sweet, funny and heart-warming.

It is perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green and Jilly Cooper – and for anyone who has ever admired a surf instructor from their deckchair.


The Review

Oh I do love reading a good beach story…in the middle of winter/early spring that still feels like winter….from the comfort of my warm bed…with a cup of tea. That is exactly what happened when I read Beach Combing by Emma Lee-Potter.

The story focuses on part-time au-pair Lara who is spending her summer away from university looking after a movie stars child. She is spending the summer in Cornwall and is enjoying the sights. Not just the cultural ones but the physical ones as well – mainly the hot surfers on the beach.

But like all good rom-coms there has to be some drama and boy does Lara get it. Her real life starts to resemble a movie and it is a fun frolicking romp!

Beach Combing was such a pleasant read. It was fun, frivolous and easy to read and enjoy. Top notch, Emma Lee-Potter!

Beach Combing by Emma Lee-Potter is available now.

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3 Stars

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