Review: The Silver Collection by Carole Matthews

Title: The Silver Collection

Author: Carole Matthews

Pages: 59 Pages

Publisher: Sphere

The Blurb

The publication of my novel, The Christmas Party, has seen me celebrating a career that has spanned twenty-five books and eighteen years. Yet it seems like only yesterday when I had my first book, Let’s Meet on Platform 8, published. I’m so lucky to have an enthusiastic and devoted following of readers – some who’ve stayed with me from the very beginning and some who are recent converts. Without you reading and enjoying my books, I would never have had the fabulous career I’ve been blessed with. We make a great team!

I thought it would be nice for you all to join the celebration with me and to offer a small token of my thanks and appreciation for all your support over the years. I love writing short stories and that’s what helped to get me started on this road so I’ve put together a collection of a few of my favourites that have interspersed the last twenty-five books. Each one is very special to me for a different reason and has lovely memories. I hope you enjoy them too. Find half an hour to curl up on the sofa with them and raise a glass to toast twenty-five books and us!


Carole xx


The Review

I have never read anything by Carole Matthews before. My mum and my sister are fans but I had never read anything of hers before. Because my mother and I have such differing tastes I think I purposefully stayed away. However, never one to be a nay-sayer I decided to give her collection of short stories a go. A tentative dip into her bookish waters and I was pleasantly surprised.

In The Silver Collection we travel all over with a series of likeable leading ladies. In particular, I enjoyed the story set in Venice. Carole Matthews manages to ad zest to downtrodden females and give them hope. The stories were all rather wonderful.

The Silver Collection by Carole Matthews is available now.

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3 Stars

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