Review: Another Together by Lauren James

another-togetherTitle: Another Together

Author: Lauren James

Pages: 59 Pages

Publisher: Walker Books

The Blurb

“Are you absolutely certain this is safe?” Matthew Galloway asked. 

A short story of intrigue and murder set in the world of The Next Together series. Winter, 1940: there is a murderer on the loose at Bletchley Park, the headquarters of Britain’s most daring codebreaking operation against the Nazis. Can two young codebreakers Kitty and Matthew catch the killer?

This standalone short story can be enjoyed by new readers and existing fans of Lauren James’s The Next Together series.

The Review

The second instalment in The Next Together series is the short story Another Together. In this short we catch up with Kitty and Matthew (aka Kate and Matt) in Bletchley Park. They are both working as code breakers during the war but alongside their war time adventures they are also embroiled in a deep murder mystery. Code breakers keep mysteriously dying and it is up to them to find out why.

I loved The Next Together and it was the biggest surprise of 2016 for me. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did and this stand alone story is no exception. I love how Kitty seems to find trouble wherever she goes and Matthew follows even though he is the one that has the sense of reason in the relationship; his love for Kitty manages to get him into all sorts of trouble.

My one issue with this stand alone is more of a pre-emptive one. I want to know more about their time in Bletchley Park. If it does not feature in the third book The Last Beginning I will be sorely disappointed…but I am sure that the story will keep me that hooked that I won’t mind too much.

Another Together by Lauren James is available now.

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