Review: Timecurse (Darkside, #4) by Tom Becker

timecurseTitle: Timecurse (Darkside, #4)

Author: Tom Becker

Pages: 262 Pages

Publisher: Scholastic

The Blurb

A fourth spine-tingling visit to the secret London borough of Darkside…

A Blood Succession, a mysterious watch, and chaos in the streets – just another day in Darkside. Jonathan is back home again when he hears that Vendetta has gone missing – and that’s not even the worst of it.

Teaming up with some old friends, Jonathan becomes embroiled in a terrifying Darkside mystery – and he discovers the answer to a question he’s been asking for years: could his mother still be alive?

The Review

Oh I do love the Darkside series. In my quest to finish the many series of books that I have started (The Hunger Games, Geek Girl etc.,) I decided to read the 4th book in the Darkside series.  It was bloody good.

In keeping with the gothic dark nature of the book we are once again thrust underground into the Darkside, a Victorian city that runs parallel to modern day London. We meet the same cast of characters from the previous books but what is impressive about Timecurse is that we start to see a different side to some of the more twisted characters. We see that the nature of our villains isn’t one dimensional.

Further villains are thrown into the mix and Jonathan Starling, once again, gets caught up in the drama…but he is also one step closer to finding out what happened to his mother.

Basically, Timecurse is boss and it has made me all the more eager to read the final book in the series.

Timecurse (Darkside, #4) by Tom Becker is available now.

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