SSS Review: Half Lies by Sally Green

Title: Half Lies

Author: Sally Green

Pages: 61 pages


The prequel to Sally Green’s Half Bad. Michele, Gabriel and their father are on the run. They are running from a perceived danger and more importantly, from their sadness. Gabriel and Michele’s mother was killed by her lover. In an act of revenge her lover was also killed.

Life on the lam isn’t easy for Michele. She hates being unsettled and never being able to put down roots yet when her father decides to stay outside Tampa in Florida Michele is suspicious. Her worries are quickly allayed when she finds herself making friends and dare she dream it….falling in love.


Told in diary format, Half Lies tells the story of Gabriel through the perspective of his younger sister Michele. We met Gabriel in Half Bad when he is sent to help Nathan. What is promising is that if Green has felt it is important to give this character a back story that we may see more of him in the sequel Half Wild which will be released in 2015.

Though this was a short story it was chock full of information. What was also advantageous was that being told from the persepective of a teenage girl offered a flip from Nathan’s story. It gave a new angle but also showed that he isn’t the only one being persecuted for his half lack/half white status. It also adds an interesting juxtaposition of older generation of witches with their traditions and hatred and a younger generation who are influenced by them – either in a negative (Aiden) or positive (Sam) way.

Half Lies is the sort of story that you want about individual secondary or tertiary characters. As the main novel is not necessarily focused on them you never really get a clear insight into them; what makes them tick or how they really feel about things. In a series like the Half Bad series you need this information, you want this information and Sally Green gives it to you in spades.

I, for one, cannot wait for Half Wild which will be released in 2015.

Half Lies by Sally Green is available now.

Half Lies

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