Review: Melt by Selene Castrovilla


A classic story of boy meets girl. The boy, Joey, is from the wrong side of the tracks. Born into a working class family with a violent police officer for a father, Joey has spent the past few years in and out of trouble. He can’t come to grips with a world in which a girl like Dorothy would fall for him.

Dorothy is the antithesis of Joey. She is the good girl, the girl who never steps out of line, the girl who has a good and honest relationship with her parents. Yet she is inexplicably drawn to Joey. She falls for him instantly. However, as they become closer, Dorothy realises that there is more to Joey than what he is willing to reveal.


I’m at a loss as to what to say about this book because I did not love it. Nor, for that matter, did I hate it. The best way to describe my feelings towards Melt is that they are indifferent.

The book is written well. Castrovilla has approached a difficult topic and written a fairly readable novel. Personally, I felt that the way that the story was constructed was a tad clichéd at times. There were some intense moments which I thought were written really well – in particular the scene when Joey’s father found Joey and Dorothy in bed together; admittedly that was intense and powerful stuff. Yet, the story didn’t really do anything for me personally.

I was also very confused with the Wizard of Oz references running throughout. I assume that they were meant to act as signposts for something but I couldn’t figure out how without stretching to some vague and tenuous link.

Like all of my reviews, this is based on personal opinion. Therefore, I implore you to give the book a read and form your own opinion. Personally, Melt just didn’t win me over.

Melt by Selene Castrovilla is available now.


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