Review: The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

Title: The Cheerleaders

Author: Kara Thomas

Pages: 384 Pages

Publisher: Delacorte Press/Macmillan Children’s Books

The Blurb

There are no more cheerleaders in the town of Sunnybrook.

First there was the car accident—two girls gone after hitting a tree on a rainy night. Not long after, the murders happened. Those two girls were killed by the man next door. The police shot him, so no one will ever know why he did it. Monica’s sister was the last cheerleader to die. After her suicide, Sunnybrook High disbanded the cheer squad. No one wanted to be reminded of the girls they lost.

That was five years ago. Now the faculty and students at Sunnybrook High want to remember the lost cheerleaders. But for Monica, it’s not that easy. She just wants to forget. Only, Monica’s world is starting to unravel. There are the letters in her stepdad’s desk, an unearthed, years-old cell phone, a strange new friend at school. . . . Whatever happened five years ago isn’t over. Some people in town know more than they’re saying. And somehow Monica is at the center of it all.

There are no more cheerleaders in Sunnybrook, but that doesn’t mean anyone else is safe.

(Goodreads Blurb)

The Review

Oooh The Cheerleaders is a clever little book. It is a murder mystery meeds psychological thriller wrapped in YA fiction and it is a stonking good read. 

Five years ago 5 girls – all part of the same cheerleading squad – all die in mysterious ways. Monica, the sister of one of the victims, cannot shake off the loss of her sister. She cannot lay it to rest and she spends the majority of her final year trying to figure it out. She knows that there is something more to it and she is determined to uncover the truth.

I got lost in The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas. I am the perfect reader for this kind of novel because I never see who the killer is, I never guess ahead of time and everybody is a suspect. I literally had everyone down for the culprit. The Cheerleaders is twisty and turny and every time you think you have it figured out Thomas throws in something new to make you question everything you believe.

I cannot wait to share this novel with my students because I know that they will love it to.

The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas is available now.

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