Review: Judging a Book by its Lover by Lauren Leto

Title: Judging a Book by its Lover – A Field Guide to the Hearts and Minds of Readers Everywhere

Author: Lauren Leto

Pages: 288 Pages

Publisher: Harper Perennial

The Blurb

Lauren Leto, humor blogger and co-author of Texts from Last Night, now offers a fascinating field guide to the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. Judging a Book by Its Lover is like a literary Sh*t My Dad Says–an unrelentingly witty and delightfully irreverent guide to the intricate world of passionate literary debate, at once skewering and celebrating great writers, from Dostoevsky to Ayn Rand to Jonathan Franzen, and all the people who read them. This provocative, smart, and addictively funny tome arose out of Leto’s popular “book porn” blog posts, and it will delight and outrage literature fans, readers of Stuff White People Like and I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar--people obsessed with literary culture and people fed up with literary culture–in equal measure.


The Review

One of the things that I find really interesting is when I see others who like books that I like or rather more interestingly books that one of us liked and the other didn’t. Therefore, it stands to reason that I would like books of the same ilk. Judging a Book by its Lover is that kind of book.

In this book, Lauren Leto breaks down her personal history with each book and why she likes it or indeed loves it. It is titillating to think that you share reasoning or finding arguments for disliking the books that she has chosen.

What is wonderful about this book and indeed others like it is that it introduces you to books and writers that you may or may not have heard of and they soon become your new favourites.

Judging a Book by its Lover – A Field Guide to the Hearts and Minds of Readers Everywhere by Lauren Leto is available now.

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