Review: Men and Women Talking by Gloria Steinem

Title: Men and Women Talking

Author: Gloria Steinem

Pages: 17 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

Once upon a time (just a few years ago), psychologists believed that the way we chose to communicate was largely a function of personality. If certain conversational styles were more common to one sex than the other (more abstract and aggressive talk for men, for instance, more personal and equivocal talk for women), then this was just another tribute to the influence of biology on personality.

In her landmark essay, Men and Women Talking, Gloria Steinem confronts long-held misconceptions about the supposedly scientific differences in the way men and women communicate, debunking—among other things—the myth of the “talkative woman.”

Men and Women Talking was originally published in Ms., May 1981.


The Review

Men and Women Talking was originally featured in Ms Magazine in May 1981. In this article Steinem discusses women’s positions in social dynamics and how it differs drastically to men. It argues how women will be apologetic just for being and for having opinions and how it is expected that a man will show no such social subservience and is therefore often seen as more powerful.

It is shocking that 37 years later this still seems to be the case. Women are still paid less, hold fewer powerful positions in businesses or government, and how women are generally seen as the lesser sex.

Men and Women Talking is as insightful now as it as when it was originally published.

Men and Women Talking by Gloria Steinem is available now.

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