Title: My Boyfriend’s Back

Author: Chrissy Olinger

Pages: 67 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

“I bring you tidings of… DAMMIT!”

With those few words, Jack Lynch’s world would change forever. The nerdy guy from Hammond High has returned for his twentieth reunion. He’s rich, successful, and ready to re-claim the girl who got away: Rori McLeary.

There’s just one small problem… Jack is also dead. But with the help of an angel in training, his mom, and the rockin’ body of his former arch-nemesis, Jack is still going to get the girl.

He has three days to convince Rori to love him. He’s got the body he never had, the brains he always had, and Norman the geek angel on his side.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Review

Ok, so let’s start off by saying that I found this story a bit silly. Normally, I like the silliness but this was silly in a way that I think was a bit beyond my silliness quota.

At first I found the characters (mainly John Lydon) to be insipid and the general feel of the book meant that redemption was going to go towards the bad guy. That we were going to start championing him. That is something I couldn’t really get on board with.

My Boyfriend’s Back did get better as the story developed. Chrissy Olinger managed to pull it back but I think with my initial dislike it wasn’t enough to make me love this short story.

My Boyfriend’s Back by Chrissy Olinger is available now.

Title: The White Rose

Author: Satyam Tomar

Pages: 51 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

The White Rose is a paranormal mystery/dark fantasy about a rich tycoon who wins the rights to his ancestral property after a long court battle. He journeys to it with the intention to renovate it and rebuild his ancestral town. He is received by a beautiful woman who is the caretaker of the mansion. However all is not as he planned and strange events start occurring soon after his arrival and he feels suppressed by an invisible force. Stuck in a game of shadows, he must find the truth about his long lost family.

The Review

Well, The White Rose had a lot of potential. Foreign lands, society, inheritance and a mystery to boot. The only problem is that it is very poorly written both grammar wise and developmentally. It was very much a case of ‘and then this happened and then that happened and then this happened.’

I don’t know if it was just a case of having something lost in translation but for me it was a book that could have been much much more but fell at the first hurdle.

The White Rose by Satyam Tomar is available now.

1 star

Title: The Last Train Home and Other Stories

Author: Erin Lawless

Pages: 47 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

An exciting new collection of sixteen short stories.

Big stories in bitesize, perfect for commuters or a quick read before bedtime.

The Review

If you were expecting the usual Erin Lawless style found in The One with the Wedding series or Somewhere Only we Know then this is probably not the short story collection for you. Don’t get me wrong, the stories are really good but they are very different than what I would normally come to expect.

This collection has been described as ‘perfect for commuters’ and you can see why this is the case. The longest story takes just over 10 minutes but the rest are much shorter.

A mixture of modern and historical fiction among others, The Last Train Home and Other Stories is well worth the investment.

The Last Train Home and Other Stories by Erin Lawless is available now.

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Title: Young Girl with a Ukulele

Author: Terence Blacker

Pages: 32 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

It all starts with a young girl playing her ukulele in a dingy folk club. There is something different about the song she sings – a song called ‘Life is Beautiful.’

It breaks hearts. It makes money. It might even change the world.

But no story of beauty or success in our cruel modern world can be entirely innocent.

Can it?

Young Girl with a Ukulele is a dark and clever story of music and fame – and the sinister forces which can lie behind them.

The Review

Young Girl with a Ukulele is an unusual little story of one man’s (and indeed the world’s) obsession with a young musician.

The “young girl” in question is Sali – an elusive one hit wonder. In a media saturated society the lure of something original and intangible gets the world gripped. In particular, a fellow musician tries to know more but hits roadblocks along the way.

Young Girl with a Ukulele wasn’t the most interesting short story I have read but I did find the intensity with which Sali captured the world to be quite compelling.

Young Girl with a Ukulele by Terence Blacker is available now.

For more information regarding Terence Blacker (@TerenceBlacker) please visit www.terenceblacker.com.

2 Stars

Title: Messages from Henry

Author: Rebecca Scarberry

Pages: 30 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

Henry is special. Evelyn Bury becomes the unlikely victim in a random kidnapping. Henry, her loyal homing pigeon, flies to the rescue. Tammy, Evelyn’s next-door neighbour, the lackadaisical authorities,, and Evelyn’s son assist in Evelyn’s rescue. Henry hurdles many obstacles to the point of endangering his own life in order to save his dear master.

You will find yourself routing Henry on, cheering his progress and praying for Evelyn’s safe return. Read Messages from Henry and lose yourself in a fun, fast-paced suspense thriller written for age twelve up, but mainly adults will find this book extremely entertaining.

The Review

Messages from Henry is a farcical story passing as a mystery.

When Tammy’s neighbour Evelyn goes missing Tammy is alerted to the crime by a note attached to the leg of Henry, Evelyn’s chicken. Now, you would think at this point the premise would be enough to make me put down the book but as a child I loved the movie That Darn Cat so I kind o accepted it and carried on.

What I can’t accept is the ineptitude of the police in this silly crime caper and also the police are constant checking in with Tammy. What investigation keeps civilians in the loop?

None. None is the answer.

Messages from Henry is just plain ludicrous.

Messages from Henry by Rebecca Scarberry is available now.

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1 star