Review: I’d Rather Be Reading by Guinevere De La Mere

Title: I’d Rather Be Reading

Author: Guinevere De La Mere

Pages: 96 Pages

Publisher: Chronicle Books

The Blurb

For anyone who’d rather be reading than doing just about anything else, this ebook is the ultimate must-have. In this visual ode to all things bookish, readers will get lost in page after page of beautiful contemporary art, photography, and illustrations depicting the pleasures of books. Artwork from the likes of Jane Mount, Lisa Congdon, Julia Rothman, and Sophie Blackall is interwoven with text from essayist Maura Kelly, bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, and award-winning author and independent bookstore owner Ann Patchett. Rounded out with poems, quotations, and aphorisms celebrating the joys of reading, this lovingly curated compendium is a love letter to all things literary, and the perfect thing for bookworms everywhere.


The Review

I’d Rather Be Reading is pretty much my life motto. It applies to nearly every situation and I will quite happily use it as an excuse to not have to do something that I won’t want to do. I’d Rather Be Reading as a book concept put me face to page with like minded people who shared their love of books and the stories surrounding how that love grew.

It is such a simple idea but it was beautifully executed and the accompanying artwork is stunning. I’d Rather Be Reading is a little small to be considered a coffee table book but it is definitely a book to be kept close at hand to dip into when possible.

I’d Rather Be Reading by Guinevere De La Mere is available now.

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