Review: The Final Raven by Finian Black

Title: The Final Raven

Author: Finian Black

Pages: 271 Pages

Publisher: CreateSpace

The Blurb

Plague is spreading across modern day Britain. People are dying. Birds are dying. If the ravens at the Tower of London are gone, the kingdom will fall. A handful of children can make a difference. Will love, friendship and belief be enough to stop what seems unstoppable?


The Review

With so many dystopian YA fiction books flying around I have to say I was genuinely surprised at how unique and wonderfully entertaining Finain Black’s novel The Final Raven was to read.

Set in London with a historical backdrop and a big fat dollop of Arthurian legend to boot, a group of young adults are set with the task of surviving a deadly plague that seems to be taking out the majority of Britain. They don’t know why they seem to be immune to this illness or what is expected of them, they just know that they have been selected to help save society from evil.

The Final Raven is a glorious adventure that kept me hooked to the very last page. I felt compelled to believe in the group of children tasked with saving the world. I whooped with joy and covered my eyes at the more frightening parts but I knew without a doubt that I was reading something rather special.

Finian Black has created a real page turner with the potential to keep me hooked for a whole series.

The Final Raven by Finian Black is available now.

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