37 Thoughts I Had When I Reread Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

Ok, as much as I enjoyed my Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone re-read I knew that I would then have to re-read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This is my least favourite of the seven books. I remember watching an interview with JK Rowling and she said that people don’t really seems to like it as much as the other books because there is only one adventure rather than many little ones. I’m not sure if that is the reason that I rate it my least favourite but I am hoping that this re-read can make me appreciate it a bit more.

Here goes:

  • Ooh I forgot that it is in this book when we first meet Dobby.
  • The Dobby in the film did not look like the Dobby in my head. I grew to appreciate film Dobby but my original one was more reptilian like…which is strange because nowhere isn he described as such…curious.
  • Poor Harry is treated like a prisoner at the Dursley’s.
  • Huzzah! Ron is here to save Harry. Some would argue that he is the real hero of the Harry Potter books.
  • So if Harry Potter is 37 in 2017 then Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was set in 1992. In Back to the Future 2 the flying car – The Delorean – was invented was invented in 2015. Are we to assume that muggles finally had help from wizards in making a flying car?
  • Oh The Burrow – I want to stay at the Weasley family home. Plus Burrow just sounds like a warm word.
  • Gilderoy Lockhart should have been played by Hugh Grant – Fact!
  • It is strange but one of my favourite lines from the film was never in the book. The whole Diagon Alley/Diagonally line.
  • The large black cabinet. Oh JK you clever bean!
  • I wonder if Percy did become the minister of magic? Or did his taste of power in the later books make him seek the simple life? I started working in a school many years ago and I got totally drunk on power. It can easily happen. Thankfully I managed to check myself before I wrecked myself.
  • I love how Mrs Weasley is oblivious to Mr Weasley’s tinkering. Bless her. Julie Walters – legend!
  • Ginny’s diary – dom dom dom!
  • Ahhh…so it has just clicked. Dobby is the reason I can’t get on to Platform Nine and Three Quarters. It is not that I am a muggle. It is that I am being magic blocked by a precocious elf.
  • Flying the Ford Anglia – it really is surprising that Ron and Harry did not get expelled.
  • God how embarrassing would it be to get a howler? Totally mortifying.
  • Justin Finch Fletchley was a bit of a douchenozzle, wasn’t he? Pretentious twit!
  • I think Colin Creevey would make an excellent wizard biographer.
  • Mudblood! Oh no, he didn’t! Malfoy, you ASS!
  • Ron jumping to Hermione’s defence – total hero!
  • With the Moaning Myrtle storyline JK really did a brave thing writing about depression and bullying.
  • If I could drink Polyjuice Potion I would want it to be to turn myself into JK Rowling. I would steal all hr back-story books and read them all. Moo hoo haa haa. Forget Voldemort; I am the true evil genius.
  • I don’t really have big dreams, do I? I just want more stories.
  • How many bones are in the arm?
  • There are actually 68 not 33.
  • See, JK is dealing with issues of self harm and repression. She is so ahead of her time.
  • Hermione’s facial hair when she turns into a cat after drinking Polyjuice Potion is totally a sign of the patriarchy. Ok, I had a whole reason why I wrote this statement but I have recently been in hospital and can’t actually remember the point I was making or the reason behind it but I am sticking to my guns.
  • I wonder if there are any links between Polyjuice Potion and transfiguration spells?
  • How old is Voldemort?
  • Who were Tom Riddle’s parents? I feel like we find out in a later book but I can’t remember.
  • I have so many questions!
  • Oh I forgot about Hagrid going to Azkaban. Heartbreaking.
  • There was no need for the Aragog sized spider in my house this week. I’m not scared of spiders but this was mahoosive.
  • Aww you really do feel Ron’s bourgeoning love for Hermione in this book.
  • I totally forgot that Hermione got petrified.
  • I always suspected that Voldemort and Harry Potter were related but it never came to fruition. That would probably been too neat really, wouldn’t it?
  • Ok, so the basilisk bit Harry in the Chamber of Secrets. Well wouldn’t that kills Harry the Horcrux? Man these books are complicated when you read them as an adult. There are so many questions.
  • Dobby is a free elf. Ok, so since me and my fiancé have been dating I always take his socks. It’s got to the point where he now just hands me them rather than me stealing them. When he does give me them now I instantly think to myself Lisa is a free elf. I recently told him this and I’m not sure what he thought but he has already put a ring on it and I say no backsies.

So 37 thoughts on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It was better than I remember and do have a new found appreciation for it. It did leave me with a few questions but hopefully they will be answered when I read the next few books and rather excitingly it is my favourite book next – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


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