Review: The Mixtape Manifesto A Pop Culture Confessional by SW Hammond

the-mixtape-manifestoTitle: The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional

Author: SW Hammond

Pages: 182 Pages

Publisher: Surf Star Media

The Blurb

A Lost Boy in search of Winnie Cooper with helping of tongue-in-cheek wit and sarcasm.

From music industry professional SW Hammond comes a compilation of provocative essays woven to create the misguided anti-love story of a young man learning about relationships through Axl Rose, Paris Hilton, and Taylor Swift.

Raised on rock n’ roll, Hammond blends an unparalleled view of pop culture and philosophy that plagues his irrational sense of women and what they want. From childhood viewings of Full House leading to his lifelong hatred of John Stamos, his introduction to the Riot Grrrl movement and Kathleen Hanna, to a questionable infatuation with The O.C.’s Summer Roberts—all of your insatiable favorites are mixed with a reflective-Kevin-Arnold-like inner monolog and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional is filled with rich photography captured during Hammond’s days on the road while working for Sony Music and Warped Tour, as well as bringing to life the music, movies, and television that has perpetuated his laughable neurotic angst. If you’re ready to take a little mind trip, join in, you just may learn something about your life while reading about his.

The Review

I didn’t really know what to expect when I started The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional. It just looked appealing. To be fair, it was an interesting read.

I don’t think I expected it to read quite like it did; a series of diary entries or blog posts. It was a truly honest book. Hammond has literally bled every thought on to the page.

As much as I didn’t know what to expect I did thoroughly enjoy The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional. My favourite entry by a mile was Taylor Swift: Why I’m a Fangirl. In this one article, SW Hammond succinctly wrote about me. Obviously he didn’t, but his accurately captured my thoughts and my feelings. Feelings I had been feeling slightly guilty for feeling and now, because someone else had recognised it I realised that it was ok to feel the way I do. Cryptic, I know. Read the book to see if it makes you feel like I do.

The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional by SW Hammond is available now.

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