Review: Holding Out for a Hero by Victoria Van Tiem

Holding Out for a HeroThe Blurb

The problem with first love is that it never truly dies . . . Libby London fell in love with the eighties, came of age in the nineties, and now the twenty-first century is baffling her. Her New-York-City style is more, erm, vintage tragedy than retro babe and her penchant for All Things Eighties might just be what’s holding her back in matters of life and love . . . At least that’s what her well-meaning friends think. They’ve staged a #80sIntervention in an effort to bring Libby bang up to date. What with her dreaded birthday party, friends’ madcap ambush, and being forced to relocate her vintage shop, Libby’s nearing breaking point! Will she ever be able to move on when the one she loves keeps her in the past?

The Review

I’m going to say it straight. Holding Out for a Hero left me feeling conflicted. There are lots of things that I liked about this book but there are a handful of things that I didn’t like.

Firstly, the concept of the novel: I loved it. I loved the link to the 80s movies and the music and the love of all things kitsch. As a child of the 80s it was a nice time-tunnel. I liked the use of The Breakfast Club as the basis of Libby’s life changing mission.

However, I don’t think I really liked the character of Libby. I think she didn’t appreciate her friends or what they were trying to do for her. I think this is definitely a personal taste thing. I am sure other people will love the character but Libby and I just didn’t gel.

What I thought was quite wonderful about Holding Out for a Hero is the way Victoria Van Tiem dealt with the issue of depression. It was sensitive and not at all judgemental. For this Victoria Van Tiem should be proud.

Holding Out for a Hero by Victoria Van Tiem is available now.

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35 Stars

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