Review: 99 Reasons to Hate Cats by Tom Briscoe

Title: 99 Reasons to Hate Cats 

Author: Tom Briscoe

Pages: 114 Pages

The Blurb

A book for people who love and (love to) hate cats 99 Reasons to Hate Cats was born out of deep familiarity. It shows the many ways in which the Felis Domesticus can drive their owners mad yet maintain their keeper’s affections. Read, laugh and see if you find yourself (and your cat — or cats) in these pages. The 99 reasons are all amusingly illustrated with original cartoon art. At the book’s end, there are short biographies of the 4 real life cats (Booger, Moses, Cookie and Fluffy) which inspired the book.

The Review

I love cats. I would be a crazy cat lady except that I am not allowed to have cats – I have heard that is a pre-requisite for becoming a crazy cat lady. I decided to read this simple graphic book to cure me of my love for all things feline.

It did not cure me

Sure cats have their faults. Rubbing their bum in your face, loud obnoxious mating and loud obnoxious fighting, malting. But I just love them. One way to make me melt is to show me a picture of a kitten. Fortunately for me, the internet is made for cat lovers. Hazzah!

99 Reasons to Hate Cats by Tom Briscoe is a perfectly funny book for cat lovers and haters alike. Read it!

99 Reasons to Hate Cats by Tom Briscoe is available now.


  1. 16th January 2016 / 7:34 pm

    Ha, so should the book have been named 99 Reasons you still love cats? Cuz becoming a Crazy Cat Lady is one of my life goals, let’s be real XD

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