Review: 7 Days by Eve Ainsworth

The Blurb

Life is hard for Jess. School should be a safe place but at the moment it’s everything Jess dreads, and it’s made even more difficult by the threatening presence of Kez. Kez lives in a nicer part of town but her life isn’t any sweeter. The only place she finds comfort is knowing she is better off than Jess – or so she thinks.

The Review

Ooh I have very mixed feelings about this book.

Ok, so the story of 7 Days is about a girl called Jess, a slightly overweight teenager who is the perpetual victim of the taunts and bullying of Kez – the classic pretty and popular girl. It follows their dysfunctional relationship over the period of seven days. We see the things that Jess has to put up with on a daily basis. All this I have no problem with. However, my issue lies with the trying to humanise Kez. Eve Ainsworth has given her a problematic background to make the audiences see that she has problems too.

I understand why Eve Ainsworth has done this and due to her background working as pastoral staff in a school this makes perfect sense. However, let us pretend that we are the average teenager reading this book who may have experienced being the victim of bullying at some point reading a book like this would anger me. It is like it is justifying the bad person’s actions.

I feel that this is a bit of a cop out. Some people are just mean for the sake of being mean. The victim of bullying isn’t going to care if the other person comes from a broken family; they are just going to care if they are going to make it through the day without being made to feel like crap.

I feel that Ainsworth chose the moral high ground rather than a more realistic ending which made the story feel a little false to me. 7 Days is a good quick read but it didn’t hit the right buttons for me personally.

7 Days by Eve Ainsworth is available now.

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