Review: The Liberty Colouring Book by Various

Title: The Liberty Colouring Book

Author: Various

Pages: 93 Pages

The Review

I’ll start this review with two little life anecdotes. Last year, I was really ill; as a recuperation gift, a good friend of mine bought me my first adult colouring book. I lost myself in the pages colouring each page (I was pretty much bed bound so having something to entertain me was a godsend).

Before this, I worked in a call centre and there were times when customers were rude and aggressive and it would get my friends and I all riled up. So we would bring in colouring pages and pencils to sooth the savage beast within.

Since then, the colouring in craze has swept the nation and adults have remembered the pure simple joy of spending hours colouring in. I know that I certainly have.

Earlier this week I received a copy of The Liberty Colouring Book. It is gorgeous. The handbag sized book features prints that Liberty used on their fabrics over the years, some from special collections and some from the archives. This beautiful collection shows you how high end fashion has changed over the years. Yet what is even more exciting, you can re-imagine the designs to your personal colour preferences.

The Liberty Colouring Book comes with an introduction by Sally Kelly, a fabric designer at Liberty and each print featured in the book has a brief but of information about when the fabric was used. This truly is the most delightful colouring book.

I cannot recommend The Liberty Colouring Book enough. It is pocket sized, the prints are intricate and it will provide you with hours of fun. So buy the book, get some colouring pencils and get colouring.

The Liberty Colouring Book is available now.

With special thanks to Annie Holland from Penguin books for sending me a copy of The Liberty Colouring Book.

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