Review: The Wives of Beverly Row 1 – Lust Has A New Address by Abby Weeks


When Ariel and her daughter Becky move into their new house on the illustrious Beverly Row they are instantly introduced to the sparkling and glittery world of the rich and fabulous. What they quickly learn is that money isn’t the be all and end all to gaining happiness. As they find their footing within their new community, Ariel realises that there is a lot hidden behind her new neighbours closed doors.


This is going to sound like a negative but I assure you I am using this adjective as a positive; The Wives of Beverly Row was trashy. It was so indulgent, almost like Desperate Housewives but in book form. It is the epitome of a guilty pleasure.

Abby Weeks so seamlessly interweaves the lives of the residents of Beverly Row with the clever undertone of money cannot buy happiness that you can’t help but want to read on. Each resident appears to have a luscious, dirty secret waiting to be uncovered. I feel like the first book in the Beverly Row series has only scratched the surface – I for one cannot wait to read on and immerse myself in the delicious money soaked drama.

The Wives of Beverly Row 1 – Lust Has A New Address by Abby Weeks is available now

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