Review: From Notting Hill With Love…Actually by Ali McNamara


With her wedding but a few weeks away, Scarlett has left all that is familiar to her in her home town of Stratford to figure out what she really wants. Her life with fiancé David is all well and good but Scarlett longs for something a little more exciting.

What Scarlett really wants is a love that is more like the movies. One with big dramatic music and heroes swooping in and making big romantic gestures but everyone in her life – her dad, her fiancé and her best friends – all point out to her that movies are fiction; they aren’t real. Scarlett sets out to prove them all wrong. And with her first meet-cute it seems that Scarlett might just be able show her friends and family that life can be just like a movie.


I’m often sceptical about romantic books, and indeed about romantic movies. I personally feel that the best rom-coms and chick-lits have already been released years ago. So I am always pleasantly surprised when a book or movie comes along that gives me that mushy-love feeling. From Notting Hill With Love…Actually gave me that feeling. I am not afraid to admit that some tears may have blurred my vision at the end. This, my lovely readers, is a rare thing and only usually happens in heartbreaking books. However, my tears of joy were well earned by Ali McNamara.

Basically, I bloody loved her book.

The interweaving storylines kept me gripped throughout and it was an actual burden to me to have to put the book down and do grown up things like go to work. I loved the whole set up of the novel. McNamara kept me on my toes throughout. I so desperately wanted Scarlett to be with Sean even though I knew that David hadn’t really done anything to warrant the hurt. See that is the power of this story, you – the reader, want things to work out for Scarlett. You genuinely care for her and every hurdle she has to overcome you feel yourself willing her on.

This book is a great romantic comedy. Admittedly, I only picked it up because the third in the series is out this week and I am due to review it, however, I have had From Notting Hill With Love…Actually collecting dust on my bookshelf for a while now and so I thought to myself ‘What the heck!’ and right now I am awfully glad that I did because this book was just gorgeous.

For movie lovers out there, the final scenes in this book will give you goose bumps. It is just so sweet.

Kudos to Ali McNamara for creating such an amazing world that I was allowed to be fully immersed in. Now onto book two!

From Notting Hill With Love…Actually and From Notting Hill to New York…Actually both by Ali McNamara are available now.

From Notting Hill With Four Wedding…Actually is available later this week.

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