Title: Ink

Author: Alice Broadway

Pages: 390 Pages

Publisher: Scholastic UK

The Blurb

Every action, every deed, every significant moment is tattooed on your skin forever. When Leora’s father dies, she is determined to see her father remembered forever. She knows he deserves to have all his tattoos removed and made into a Skin Book to stand as a record of his good life. But when she discovers that his ink has been edited and his book is incomplete, she wonders whether she ever knew him at all.


The Review

As far as unique stories go, Ink by Alice Broadway has won the most unique book of the year for me. I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down and straight away bought five copies for the school book club I run. I knew, within the first few chapters that the story of Leora and her father’s death would be one to capture their imagination.

What I genuinely loved about Ink was how you could tell your story and people could know thing about you by looking at your skin. I loved how this seemed both wonderful and terrifying at the same time. Ink’s weird dystopia seemed so normal and I think that is where Alice Broadway’s clever writing comes in to play.

Ink has a glorious ending that makes you (well, made me) instantly buy the sequel – Spark.

Honestly, if you like your fiction to be fresh, engaging and altogether fantastic then Ink is the novel for you.

Ink by Alice Broadway is available now.

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Title: Blackjack

Author: Tom Becker

Pages: 260 Pages

Publisher: Scholastic UK

The Blurb

The final spine-tingling visit to the secret London borough of Darkside…Jonathan’s mother is alive. Jonathan is shocked when he finds out his mother has been locked away in Darkside’s infamous madhouse, The Bedlam, for years – and he’s determined to rescue her. But with the rotten borough’s brutal new leader causing mass chaos, a mysterious stone wreaking havoc on all who possess it, and the wereman Carnegie nowhere to be found, will he be able to save his mum without losing everything else?

The Review

I think it is very rare in a long series of books that the stories continually get better each time. However, that is exactly what you get with the final instalment of the Darkside series by Tom Becker. Blackjack is awesome. It is a book that you cannot put down for more than a few minutes without needing to know more.

The final instalment of the saga finds Jonathan Starling back in Darkside trying to save not only his mother but also Carnegie and the rest of the Darksiders from the tyrannical reign of the latest ripper. It really is a thrilling ride and I know this sounds weird but I wish Darkside was a real place because it sounds like such an adventure could be had there.

What I don’t understand is how this book series hasn’t been made into a film series. It is too good a story not to have done.

If you liked any of the previous Darkside books but have yet to read Blackjack then what are you waiting for. It is brilliant.

Blackside (Darkside, #5) by Tom Becker is available now.

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lying-about-last-summerTitle: Lying About Last Summer

Author: Sue Wallman

Pages: 272 Pages

Publisher: Scholastic UK

The Blurb

Skye is looking for an escape from the reality of last summer when her sister died in a tragic accident. Her parents think that a camp for troubled teenagers might help her process her grief. All of the kids at the summer camp have lost someone close, but is bringing them together such a good idea? And can everyone at camp be trusted? When Skye starts receiving text messages from someone pretending to be her dead sister, she knows it’s time to confront the past. But what if the danger is right in front of her?

The Review

Oooh I love it when a story delivers the good and you betcha by golly wow does Lying About Last Summer deliver!

The story is set in a bereavement camp, a place for people to go to get support when they have lost someone. Skye has gone there to try and come to terms with her sister’s death; a death that she feels responsible for causing. Yet things take a turn for the weird when Skye starts getting text messages from her dead sister.

Sue Wallham has created a modern day realistic murder mystery thriller for teens that had me guessing all the way through. She plants small nuggets of insidious suspicion that you are constantly questioning everything. It really was a joy to be sucked into this world and even more so because it shed a light on how grief is handled with young adults. Something that I knew very little about before reading Lying About Last Summer.

Lying About Last Summer has to be on you ‘To-Be-Read’ pile. It is a must.

Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman is available now.

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The Blurb

A third spine-tingling visit to the secret borough of Darkside… Mrs Elwood has been kidnapped. And Jonathan will do anything to get her back, even if this means breaking in to the home of one of Darkside’s most sinister citizens. With the help of a criminal circus troupe, the plan’s in place for a dangerous heist – but is this mission impossible from the start?

The Review

The third instalment of the Darkside series by Tom Becker sees Jonathan Starling and a motley crew of cohorts embark on a new adventure; this time to save Jonathan’s long time carer, Mrs Elwood.

I originally started reading the Darkside books as it was the set text for a class that I work with in my day job (teaching assistant by day, bookblogger extraordinaire by night) and I quickly became immersed in the world of Darkside. The menacing people who live there, the olde world Victorian setting, the unruly society where the rules are that there are no rules is just fascinating and really entertaining.

In my opinion, the series keeps getting better and better. The crime capers become more elaborate with more and more secrets being revealed….equally more intrigue and mystery is built up with each story which is testament to Becker’s writing. Furthermore, I have to give kudos to Becker for his skill of writing a cliffhanger. Every chapter ends at a crucial and dramatic point which made me have to read on. Well played, Becker.

As much as the Darkside series is targeted to a younger audience it is the kind of book that will keep even the cleverest of adults guessing until the very end. This series is a must, go out and buy them all now.

Nighttrap (Darkside #3) by Tom Becker is available now.