Review: Blackjack (Darkside, #5) by Tom Becker

Title: Blackjack

Author: Tom Becker

Pages: 260 Pages

Publisher: Scholastic UK

The Blurb

The final spine-tingling visit to the secret London borough of Darkside…Jonathan’s mother is alive. Jonathan is shocked when he finds out his mother has been locked away in Darkside’s infamous madhouse, The Bedlam, for years – and he’s determined to rescue her. But with the rotten borough’s brutal new leader causing mass chaos, a mysterious stone wreaking havoc on all who possess it, and the wereman Carnegie nowhere to be found, will he be able to save his mum without losing everything else?

The Review

I think it is very rare in a long series of books that the stories continually get better each time. However, that is exactly what you get with the final instalment of the Darkside series by Tom Becker. Blackjack is awesome. It is a book that you cannot put down for more than a few minutes without needing to know more.

The final instalment of the saga finds Jonathan Starling back in Darkside trying to save not only his mother but also Carnegie and the rest of the Darksiders from the tyrannical reign of the latest ripper. It really is a thrilling ride and I know this sounds weird but I wish Darkside was a real place because it sounds like such an adventure could be had there.

What I don’t understand is how this book series hasn’t been made into a film series. It is too good a story not to have done.

If you liked any of the previous Darkside books but have yet to read Blackjack then what are you waiting for. It is brilliant.

Blackside (Darkside, #5) by Tom Becker is available now.

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