Review: Nighttrap (Darkside #3) by Tom Becker

The Blurb

A third spine-tingling visit to the secret borough of Darkside… Mrs Elwood has been kidnapped. And Jonathan will do anything to get her back, even if this means breaking in to the home of one of Darkside’s most sinister citizens. With the help of a criminal circus troupe, the plan’s in place for a dangerous heist – but is this mission impossible from the start?

The Review

The third instalment of the Darkside series by Tom Becker sees Jonathan Starling and a motley crew of cohorts embark on a new adventure; this time to save Jonathan’s long time carer, Mrs Elwood.

I originally started reading the Darkside books as it was the set text for a class that I work with in my day job (teaching assistant by day, bookblogger extraordinaire by night) and I quickly became immersed in the world of Darkside. The menacing people who live there, the olde world Victorian setting, the unruly society where the rules are that there are no rules is just fascinating and really entertaining.

In my opinion, the series keeps getting better and better. The crime capers become more elaborate with more and more secrets being revealed….equally more intrigue and mystery is built up with each story which is testament to Becker’s writing. Furthermore, I have to give kudos to Becker for his skill of writing a cliffhanger. Every chapter ends at a crucial and dramatic point which made me have to read on. Well played, Becker.

As much as the Darkside series is targeted to a younger audience it is the kind of book that will keep even the cleverest of adults guessing until the very end. This series is a must, go out and buy them all now.

Nighttrap (Darkside #3) by Tom Becker is available now.

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