Review: After the Rain by Natalia Gomes

Title: After the Rain

Author: Natalia Gomes

Pages: 352 Pages

Publisher: HQ

The Blurb

‘We’re alive. So let’s start living.’

Two strangers

Jack was sporty and outgoing. Alice was bookish and introverted. Their lives were on completely different paths.

One life-changing tragedy

That is before the day they were in the wrong place at the wrong time: before the day their lives were torn apart in a bombing.

A hopeful new friendship

Struggling to cope with their new worlds, their unlikely new friendship helps them find hope. But can they help each other rebuild their lives and start again?

Powerful and compelling After the Rain is the brand-new novel from Natália Gomes, perfect for fans of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.

The Review

I am always impressed by (yet I do not envy) writers who tackle difficult and contentious topics in their books. I am further impressed when they handle situations well. This is what Natalia Gomes has done with After the Rain – a YA novel which focuses on the devastation after a terrorist attack.

Jack and Alice were both in Leicester Square when the attack took place and the story follows them both as they deal with the aftermath of the attack, as they try to come to terms with the effects – both physical and mental.

The dual-perspective novel gives the reader a chance to see different reactions to the same event and although the subject matter is quite dark there is a kernel of hope that runs throughout the story.

Trigger warnings must be given because it does deal with a dark subject and if you are easily upset then this novel will have an impact

After the Rain by Natalia Gomes is available now.

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