Review: The Breakup Monologues by Rosie Wilby

Title: The Breakup Monologues – The Unexpected Joy of Heartbreak

Author: Rosie Wilby

Pages: 288 Pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The Blurb

Mixing humour, heartache and science, award-winning comedian, author and accidental relationship guru Rosie Wilby embarks on a quest to investigate, understand and conquer the psychology of heartbreak. Tragedy plus time equals comedy, right?

In 2011, comedian Rosie Wilby was dumped by email. .. though she did feel a little better about it after correcting her ex’s spelling and punctuation. Obsessing about breakups ever since, she embarked on a quest to investigate, understand and conquer the psychology of heartbreak.

That quest proved to be a creatively fertile one, resulting in Rosie’s acclaimed podcast The Breakup Monologues. She decided to ask her colleagues on the circuit about their experiences of romantic disaster and recovery, thinking, ‘if one group of people have become adept at learning from catastrophe it is comedians. The worst onstage deaths are the performances that enlighten us most about how to improve.’ She wondered if comics had been able to transfer this ‘fail better’ logic to love.

This book is a love letter to her breakups, a celebration of what they have taught her peppered with anecdotes from illustrious friends and interviews with relationship therapists, scientists and sociologists about separating in the modern age of ghosting, breadcrumbing and conscious uncoupling. Her plan is to assimilate their advice and ideas in order to not break up with Girlfriend, her partner of nearly three years. Will this self-confessed serial monogamist, and breakup addict, finally settle down?

The Review

The theme of love is a topic long since discussed but often we shy away from talking about the pain of heartbreak. Rosie Wilby, in her book The Breakup Monologues, does just that and she does it well.

Mixing pathos and humour we hear about the bad relationship experiences that Rosie Wilby has had that have led her to understand breakups and look at them with fresh eyes. What is really rather nice is that not once in the book does Wilby point blame or make her exes out to be bad people she just explains things from her perspective and how she felt during the relationships which led to the breakup. If she had become angry and showering people with blame then I feel that it would be a less enjoyable read.

Along with opinions of experts and her friends you get a multi-perspective view on what it feels like to break up with someone or be broken up with and there is comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in that feeling.

The Breakup Monologues – The Unexpected Joy of Heartbreak by Rosie Wilby is available now.

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