Review: The Agathas by Kathleen Glasgow and Liz Lawson

Title: The Agathas

Author: Kathleen Glasgow and Liz Lawson

Pages: 416 Pages

Publisher: Oneworld Publications

The Blurb

The most popular girl in school is dead – and everyone’s blaming the wrong guy.

When Alice Ogilvie ran away last summer, her disappearance was Castle Cove’s biggest mystery. But then her ex-best friend Brooke Donovan vanishes. Initially dismissed as a copycat case, Alice suspects there is something darker at play.

Joined by outsider and unlikely investigative partner Iris Adams, Agatha Christie-obsessed Alice sets out to get to the bottom of what is really happening in Castle Cove. There are clues the police are ignoring and a list of suspects a mile long. But Alice and Iris have no idea just how many secrets their little town is hiding…

The Review

I’m just going to say this, I flippin’ loved The Agathas.

The Agathas is a slick YA murder mystery fiction which has elements of classic murder mystery with a delicious dollop of Scooby Doo.

The story focuses on unlikely duo Alice Ogilve – one of Castle Cove’s beautiful people – who has a mystery of her own that she is keeping buried and the quirky Iris Adams – underdog, beautiful wierdo and someone who is desperate to leave Castle Cove as quickly as she can. They are thrown together and form an unlikely alliance to help solve the mystery of who killed Brooke Donovan.

Corruption, greed and love are all at the heart of this story and Glasgow and Lawson’s perfect tone drags you up and down the garden path throwing in red herrings galore. At once you both believe that you can and will solve the mystery whilst equally slapping your head in absolute shock horror when you get it wrong.

I will shove The Agathas into everyone’s hands.

The Agathas by Kathleen Glasgow and Liz Lawson is available now.

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