Review: Impossible by Sarah Lotz

Title: Impossible

Author: Sarah Lotz

Pages: 441 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Blurb

Nick: Failed writer. Failed husband. Dog owner.

Bee: Serial dater. Dress maker. Pringles enthusiast.

One day, their paths cross over a misdirected email. The connection is instant, electric. They feel like they’ve known each other all their lives.

Nick buys a new suit, gets on a train. Bee steps away from her desk, sets off to meet him under the clock at Euston station.

Think you know how the rest of the story goes? They did too . . .

But this is a story with more twists than most. This is Impossible

The Review

Impossible is the love story that transcends time and place. It is about Nick and Bee who have a serendipitous meet cute which leads them down a pathway of drama in trying to keep their relationship alive. To say more than that would give the plot away and that is just not how these things work.

So instead let’s talk about the writing. Lotz has crafted loveable protagonists who you genuinely root for. You buy into their relationship from the get go and dammit you want them to be together. So far so good. The story is your classic tale of love but with a modern twist. Another reason for you to root for Bee and Nick. It has a colourful cast of characters that make you giggle, smile and sometimes make your heart break a little. What more can you want from a story?

If love stories are your thing then you will really enjoy Impossible.

Impossible by Sarah Lotz is available now.

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