Review: Send Nudes by Saba Sams

Title: Send Nudes

Author: Saba Sams

Pages: 217 Pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

The Blurb

A motherless teenage girl, daughter of the town butcher, falls into a relationship with a much older boy, but realises she’d rather have the love of his dog.

A directionless university student is taken up by beautiful, chaotic party girl Lara, who moves right into her bed and slowly destroys her life.

An uneasy holiday in paradise for two reluctant stepsisters turns into a war of attrition as they compete for the affections of a charismatic interloper.

Dragged along by their mums to a music festival, two teenage girls pursue experience over the course of one weekend.

Strange and arresting, dirty but shining, the girls of Saba Sams’s extraordinary debut collection traverse girlhood and womanhood in all its glorious complications. Negotiating absent mothers, intense friendships, wanting and fearing being desired, her characters are brought to life with striking wit, originality and tenderness.

The Review

I love to break up my reading every so often with a collection of short stories. Send Nudes was a great palate cleanser in this respect. What was great about the collection was the breadth of story ideas. No one story felt the same and what was intriguing was the ambiguous ending to the stories. There were several that I felt could be extended into full novels or at least novella level.

The cast of characters were memorable and it was definitely the characters that was the focus of the stories. They definitely had potential for further exploration.

Send Nudes by Saba Sams is available now.

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