Review: The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams

Title: The Reading List

Author: Sara Nisha Adams

Pages: 384 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Blurb

When Aleisha discovers a crumpled reading list tucked into a tattered library book, it sparks an extraordinary journey.

From timeless stories of love and friendship to an epic journey across the Pacific Ocean with a boy and a tiger in a boat, the list opens a gateway to new and wonderful worlds – just when Aleisha needs an escape from her troubles at home.

And when widower Mukesh arrives at the library, desperate to connect with his bookworm granddaughter, Aleisha introduces him to the magic of the reading list. An anxious teenager and a lonely grandfather forming an unlikely book club of two.

Inspiring and heartwarming, The Reading List is a love letter to storytelling – its power to transport us, connect us, and remind us that a new beginning is only a page away…

The Review

What a charming novel. That is undeniably the best way to describe it. Charming from the first page to its last.

The Reading List is a Love Actually-esque books with disparate characters who are all somehow connected. It is this connection – often unknown by the characters – that binds the story like the glue that binds a book together.

For me the most heartwarming of connections was between Aleisha and Mukesh, two people who couldn’t be further from each others lives if they tried. However, the bond that they create over a newly discovered passion for books is wonderful and to be able to witness unfold is such a privilege.

For me, The Reading List really exemplifies the restorative power of literature and the world wide need to cherish libraries and the treasure the things inside – not just the stories on the page but the stories of the people who use them.

A truly wonderful novel by Sara Nisha Adams.

The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams is available now.

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