Review: The Young Adult Writer’s Guide by Janet Schrader-Post and Elizabeth Fortin-Hinds

Title: The Young Adult Writer’s Journey – An Encyclopedia for YA Writers

Author: Janet Schrader-Post and Elizabeth Fortin-Hinds

Pages: 199 Pages

Publisher: Tell Tale Publishing Group

The Blurb

Finally, an all-inclusive book on young adult fiction must-do, don’t do and how-to. If you want to write a young adult novel, you need to read this book first. Coauthored by an award-winning YA author and an acquisitions editor, both experts on kids and what they like to read, this encyclopedia contains all you need to start or improve a career as a YA fiction author. ​

From an examination of the market, genre and its sub-genres, to mechanics and the business, everything is at your fingertips. This amazing writer’s resource is written in a relaxed and interesting style, with plenty of contemporary references and examples for clear understanding and easier application.

The Review

The Young Adult Writer’s Journey is an excellent jumping off point for those who wish to write for a young audience. The book breaks down in very easy chunks how to approach this style of writing. It looks specifically at the expectations of the audience – the rules – and how writing for a young audience gives you a wide range for expression.

Furthermore, trope and features are highlighted in an easy to understand way with practical examples to help you understand them with context – either by citing a well known film or book for you to compare it to.

Writers Janet Schrader-Post and Elizabeth Fortin-Hinds really do hold your hand all the way through inception of your story idea to trying to get it published. It is a rarity that a book can take you through every phase in a way that is enjoyable to read and still feel practical.

The Young Adult Writers Journey by Janet Schrader-Post and Elizabeth Fortin-Hinds is available now.

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