Review: I’m Fine by Kathleen Nicholls

Title: “I’m Fine?!” – Navigating Chronic and Mental Illness; without Faking ‘Fine’

Author: Kathleen Nicholls

Pages: 157 Pages

Publisher: Independently Published

The Blurb

Let’s face it, living with chronic illness is hard enough. Throw in mental health issues and that’s a whole other ball game most of us are too exhausted to play. I want to shed light on the often unspoken correlation between poor mental health and chronic illness. I aim to show you there is life after a diagnosis or either (or both), and how to adapt and thrive despite it all.


The Review

Having IBD is hard. It is damn hard. What is even harder is all the additional crap (pun intended) that comes along with it.

For some (and most definitely me) is the stress, anxiety, and emotional distress that can also come with having an IBD.

Kathleen Nicholls is the perfect person to talk about this topic because she has IBD and has suffered because of it.

I found I’m Fine comforting because someone else gets it on the same level as I do. Anxiety is different for everyone but knowing that someone else has similar symptoms due to the same underlying problem makes me feel less alone.

“I’m Fine?!” – Navigating Chronic and Mental Illness; without Faking ‘Fine’ by Kathleen Nicholls is available now.

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