Review: Honor Code by Kiersi Burkhart

Title: Honor Code

Author: Kiersi Burkhart

Pages: 312 Pages

Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group

The Blurb

Sam knows how lucky she is to be part of the elite Edwards Academy. As she dreams of getting into Harvard one day, she’s willing to do anything to fit in and excel at the private high school. Even if that means enduring hazing, signing up for a sport she hates, and attending the school dance with an upperclassman she barely knows.

But when she learns the high cost of entry, will Sam be willing to bury the worst night of her life in order to “keep the community sacred”? As the line between truth and justice blurs, Sam must find out for herself what honor really means.

The Review

The things people will do to fit in. That is the initial basis of Honor Code by Kiersi Burkhart. When you are faced with the dilemma o being ostracised or being part of something bigger Sam knows the choice she has to make. She is new to Edwards Academy – a high school that pretty much guarantees your acceptance into any elite college. But Sam soon comes to realise that it is easy to lose yourself in the expectations of school life, how easy it is to befall victim to more sinister goings on.

Honor Code is brilliantly dark and twisty. Burkhart looks at the tradition of honor codes in schools along with the current victim blaming culture that is seen in many college campuses in America. She uses alienation and broken friendships to look at the desperate nature that being lonely and alone as a teenager along with the problems that teens face.

This book does not leave you feeling comfortable. You are pushed way out of your comfort zone but it is necessary to get the point across. It does make for uncomfortable reading but it is so damn good.

Honor Code by Kiersi Burkhart is available now.

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