Review: Curtains Down at Her Majesty’s by Stewart Richards

Title: Curtains Down at her Majesty’s – The Death of Queen Victoria in the Words of Those Who Were There

Author: Stewart Richards

Pages: 256 Pages

Publisher: The History Press

The Blurb

‘Her Majesty the Queen breathed her last at 6.30 p.m., surrounded by her children and grand-children.’

With this notice, pinned to the entrance gate of Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s doctors announced the death of the most powerful woman in the world, who had sat on her throne and ruled through more than six decades. Her rule had seen her kingdom spread to become the world’s biggest empire, had seen massive change in society and leaps forward in technology. It is little surprise that the death of one who had ruled for all of many people’s lives created chaos, shock and mass outpourings of grief across the country.

Here author and researcher Stewart Richards has delved through the archives to put together the definitive view of Victoria in her final days, through the immediate reaction and aftermath of her death, to the state funeral of 2 February 1901. Based entirely on fascinating first-hand accounts, The Death of Queen Victoria offers a truly unique insight into the events of that tumultuous few days and is a volume that no enthusiast should be without.


The Review

Curtains Down at her Majesty’s is a fascinating and factual account of the days preceding the death of Queen Victoria and the days of mourning and the funeral that followed.

This isn’t a work of fiction. Author Stewart Richards has meticulously gone through diary entries, letters, telegrams, newspaper articles of the people who were there: Queen Victoria’s family, her physicians and her subjects.

What is revealed is how the pomp and ceremony surrounding royal deaths is conducted and it gives insight in how the current monarchy was created.

A truly fascinating read for those who love the Victorian era and the monarchy.

Curtains Down at her Majesty’s – The Death of Queen Victoria in the Words of Those Who Were There by Stewart Richards is available now.

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