Review: Should I Stay or Should I Go by James Ball

Title: Should I Stay or Should I Go – And 87 Other Serious Answers to Questions in Songs

Author: James Ball

Pages: 280 Pages

Publisher: Boxtree

The Blurb

What is love? How soon is now? How do you solve a problem like Maria?

They’re some of the most famous questions ever asked. But do you know the answer to them? In Should I Stay or Should I Go?, award-winning journalist James Ball travels from the economic status of doggies in windows, to what war is good for and what becomes of the broken hearted to find out the definitive, fascinating and hilarious answers.


The Review

I love silliness and I will actively pursue it, keep people in my life is they are silly and partake in anything that is in the least bit silly. It is for that reason that I really enjoyed reading Should I Stay or Should I Go. It is such a simple concept really, take a popular song and look for all the things that could be incorrect in it or that pose a question.


This book made me look at popular music in a different way. My one issue with the book was actually a matter of research. It claims that Busted had four members in the band which it does not. It only has three. So yes, I love the silliness but I also like accuracy.

Should I Stay or Should I Go: And 87 Other Serious Answers to Questions in Songs by James Ball is available now.

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