Review: What if He’s the One? by Kathy Jay

Title: What if He’s the One?

Author: Kathy Jay

Pages: 256 Pages

Publisher: Harper Impulse

The Blurb

The one that got away – is now LA’s hottest property!

The last time fashion student Magenta Plumtree saw aspiring actor Alex Wells, she was wearing a sexy Santa outfit and killer heels, and he was kissing her senseless! But before she got to enjoy the full benefits of her very fit friend, he left the next morning for LA and stardom…

Now ten years later Maggie’s an in-demand fashionista and her latest job? To style the stars of hit TV show Mercy of the Vampires – none other than twin hotties Alex and Nick Wells! Though if Fate has given her one more chance with the gorgeous Alex, it’s got a sick sense of humour, as Maggie has refused to wait for Mr Right and plans to embark on single motherhood! But the inconveniently electric attraction is definitely still there, and with Alex by her side through the whirl of pregnancy tests and glittering premieres, has Maggie found the one man worth waiting for?

The Review

What if He’s the One? by Kathy Jay is a love story that transcends time and distance. Sometimes you are just destined to be with someone and no amount of time will change that. This is where we meet Maggie. She has been in love with her friend Alex for years. There was once a chance that they would get together but when an opportunity for him to star in the next big fantasy programme occurs he has to take it. The only problem being that it will leave Maggie in London while he is in America.

Fast-forward ten years later and the pair meet again. The sparks are still there but has life moved on too much for them to make it work?

Kathy Jay explores so much in What if He’s the One? Unrequited love, independence, and heartbreak to name but a few; she ultimately she makes you fall in love with her two main characters. Due to the dual narrative you spend half your time in complete anguish because you know that they both still love each other and the sexual tension bounces off the page. It is almost agony to read.

If you are a fan of love stories then Kathy Jay doesn’t disappoint with What if He’s the One?

What if He’s the One? by Kathy Jay is available now.

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