60 Thoughts I Had When I Re-Read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I am so excited about reading the last two Harry Potter books. Mainly because it will be like reading them for the first time since I think I have only read them once or twice. I know I won’t remember much about them and will have many questions but it is going to be totally awesome (StarKid reference there for all you PotHeads).

So here we go!

  • Ok, a bridge breaking and a lack of policemen – The Half Blood Prince could be set in 2018, that is all I am saying.
  • I am going to be fuming if the wizarding world is real and they have old Theresa Bloody May before me!
  • ‘…a wizard who has eluded capture for almost three decades.’ Write his story JK!
  • All the destruction caused by the Death Eaters, the murder of Amelia Bones, the fog and sadness caused by the Dementors – it makes Brexit seem like small fish really, doesn’t it?
  • In my head, Rufus Scrimegeour looks like my uncle Martin – this helps none of you reading this as you have no idea what my uncle Martin looks like.
  • I wonder what Bellatrix and Narcissa were like in school? Write it, JK!
  • If I could perform the Imperious Curse I would make JK write more Harry Potter Books.
  • When you think about it, the Death Eaters following Voldemort is really an allegory for the perils of radicalisation. JK is one smart cookie.
  • Inferi just sound terrifying. Essentially they are zombies but calling them Inferi makes them sound ten times worse.
  • ‘An Excess of Phlegm’ is an awful name for a chapter. Bleurgh!
  • Go Arthur with your promotion. I love the Weasley’s and with my red hair I could totally be related to them.
  • You know, for teenagers, Harry, Ron and Hermione are pretty fearless. Hermione’s gumption when she is in Knockturn Alley is amazing.
  • It’s so frustrating when people disbelieve Harry. He is actually quite level headed…you know if we disregard him running off to the Ministry of Magic and getting his godfather killed – oh that was way harsh!
  • Tonks has a new Patronus? What is it? What was her old one? I have only read this book twice (I think) but I feel this is important information. I need to know these things.
  • ‘There’s no need to call me “sir”, professor’ Damn! Harry got stupid brave.
  • Slughorn offers Felix Felicis as a prize in potions class which just goes to show that my theory of reward based learning works.
  • I feel so sorry for Merope. Bless her. She is a squib and her son is Voldemort. Such bad luck!
  • What happened to Morfin? Oh come on JK, this is getting ridiculous now. Write his story.
  • Hermione has just said that the entire stock of timeturners were broken in the Order of the Phoenix but she has one in the Cursed Child – interesting. Mistake or deliberate? You decide. ..Or I could just look for the answer by rereading The Cursed Child.
  • Dumbledore said “whence” – I love that word. People should use it more often.
  • Ron and Ginny bickering over snogging is so funny. I kinda agree with Ron, like. Who wants to see a massive PDA?
  • Why is Malfoy not playing Quidditch? The plot thickens?
  • I’m just gonna say it. Ginny is sassy. The way she took out Zacharias for his crap commentating and then passed it off as “forgetting to brake” – the girl has style.
  • Ron – as Ginny rightly says – is a hypocrite…but I must admit Lavender Brown is a great name.
  • Ok, so it is one thing to mark notes in a book with a pencil but it is quite another to do it in pen. I quite agree with just how upset Madam Pince gets with Harry.
  • Oh I love Luna. I love how she thinks that she has to die one eyebrow for Slughorn’s party. She is legendary. I have found that as I have read the books as an adult my love for characters differs. Luna has become my favourite.
  • Ron and Hermione trying to make each other jealous is both painful and hilarious.
  • Dammit, why won’t anyone believe that Draco is working for Voldemort? Harry isn’t a liar and his gut instinct is usually right (again, we will bypass the whole Sirius dying in the Ministry for the sake of making my point).
  • Also ‘Won Won’ – bleurgh!
  • What happens to the pensieve memories once a person dies?
  • You know it is something majorly hidden when even Hermione doesn’t know about it. She hasn’t even heard of horcruxes.
  • I wonder if horcruxes has some magical root in its word t have been chosen by JK. I must look this up.
  • I love Ron when he is all high on love potion infused chocolate cauldrons. I knew a girl who acted the same way although her was because of cheap alcopops. She couldn’t decide who she loved more: Lee from Deuce, Spike from 911 or Robbie from Take That (this was in the 90s). Making the decision reduced here to alcohol induced tears.
  • Luna Lovegood should commentate on all Quidditch matches – she has such a dreamlike quality to her voice. I love her.
  • Harry is so smug when he hears Ginny and Dean fighting. He lurves her.
  • Ooh I bet Dumbledore’s disappointed face is brutal.
  • ‘In fact, I doubt whether there is a soul alive, apart from himself, who could give us a full account of his life since he left Hogwarts.’ Oh really JK? Write his story.
  • The parallels between Harry and Voldemort are quite shocking. It’s not surprising that people originally thought they may be related.
  • The meeting between Tom and Dumbledore – man. It puts you in mind of when Churchill and Hitler met. Mind boggling.
  • Harry Potter is a page folder. This, above all things that have happened so far, has broken me.
  • Ron has just told Hermione he loves her. I am trying not to break but oh my gosh, I love this! Ron and Hermione forever.
  • I wonder how many house points Harry lost for Gryffindor in his time at Hogwarts in total.
  • Ok, whilst I find it difficult to feel sad about a giant dead spider I do feel really sorry for Hagrid. I don’t like it when he is upset.
  • I know I am not a huge fan of the films but I must admit when Harry drinks the felix felices it is Daniel Radcliffe’s defining moment as an actor in these movies. He is brilliant. One of my favourite scenes in all seven books, too.
  • You know what? Dumbledore is proper clever.
  • Ok, so here is a crazy thought. After Cedric Diggory died why did Dumbledore not extract that memory from Harry and put it in the pensieve to show Fudge thus proving that he isn’t a liar.
  • Ginny is defending Harry and getting sassy with Hermione. Ginny has really come into her own. I love that JK is totally a feminist.
  • Harry loves Ginny and Ginny loves Harry. Hurrah!
  • Ooh Harry is mad at Dumbledore and rightly so. He just found out that Snape knew about the prophecy. Dom dom dom. I had totally forgotten about this.
  • I love how Dumbledore refers to the blood donation as crude. He says it like the wrong cutlery has been used at a dinner party. Oh lol.
  • Dumbledore just referred to Voldemort as Lord Voldemort. I can’t remember that happening at any other point in this series.
  • The drinking/cave/horcrux scene is still so hard to read. Terrifying, man.
  • I wonder if we will ever know what Dumbledore was ranting about when he was in the cave (coughs *JK* coughs)
  • I have four chapters let and I am not entirely sure I am emotionally prepared for what is about to happen.
  • Holy moly. The dark mark. Oh I have a very bad feeling about this.
  • Oh Draco nearly come good. That is unbearably sad. He didn’t want to be evil.
  • Ok so here is my question you can only use the unforgivable curse if you have intent. Does that mean Snape really did want to kill Dumbledore?
  • Oh poor Hagrid. He doesn’t want to believe Harry about Snape killing Dumbledore. This is too sad.
  • And Dumbledore’s death starts the mighty blood bath that is the Deathly Hallows. I still haven’t finished the Half Blood Prince but I’m already feeling it!
  • Remus is all angsty about loving Tonks…because he is in love with Sirius. Yeah.


Since writing this out, some of my questions have been answered. Some still haven’t but that is ok. I am still genuinely worried about reading the Deathly Hallows because I actually think I have only read it once. I don’t think it will disappoint but I just know it will be heartbreaking. Ah, well. I think I will just have to put on the big girl pants and do it.

Wish me luck!

Lis x

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