Review: Second Best Friend by Non Pratt

Title: Second Best Friend

Author: Non Pratt

Pages: 82 Pages

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

The Blurb

Jade and Becky have always been best friends; inseparable and often indistinguishable. But when a spiteful comment from an awful ex pushes Jade to the edge, she begins to see that she has always been second best in everything. When the school election offers her the chance to finally be number one, Jade learns just how far she is willing to go to be better than her closest friend.


The Review

Non Pratt is one of my go-to authors. Ever since I read Trouble I have been hooked on her writing which makes it rather strange that it took me so long to read Second Best Friend. This is her second dyslexia friendly text released through Barrington Stoke and I must say, Non Pratt does not patronise her readers.

Second Best Friend is the story of Jade and Becky – best friends but political enemies in an upcoming class project. However, the seemingly perfect Becky is beginning to push Jade’s buttons – through no fault of her own, I might add – but jealousy and a mild inferiority complex turns Jade into the worst version of herself. Through her manipulation she realises that the grass isn’t always greener and most people do not have all of their ducks in a row.

I really loved this story. It displayed how toxic even some of the best friendships can become when outside influences start rubber-necking. Non Pratt also focuses on the morals of teenagers without being condescending – she knows that teens are going to do questionable things but rather than tell them off she shows them the consequences of their actions along with recognising how difficult it is to grow up in a social media age.

What I really love about Non Pratt’s Barrington Stoke releases is that she still writes for a mature audience. I work in a school and in particular with weaker readers and some of the stories available to them are – for want of a better word – boring. They don’t speak to a modern teenager. Non Pratt has her finger firmly on the pulse of the young adult genre and Second Best Friend is a clear example of this.

Second Best Friend by Non Pratt is available now.

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