Review: Julia Jones – The Teenage Years by Katrina Kahler

Julia JonesTitle: Julia Jones – The Teenage Years (Book One – Falling Apart)

Author: Katrina Kahler

Pages: 87 Pages

Publisher: How to Help Children

The Blurb

The suspenseful and best-selling “Julia Jones’ Diary” series now continues on but is even more gripping and exciting than ever before. For die-hard Julia Jones’ fans as well as those who are new to the series, “Julia Jones – The Teenage Years” will not disappoint.

In Book 1, Falling Apart, Julia is now a typical teenage girl but has abruptly and unexpectedly been thrown into turmoil by the forced relocation of her family back to their old home in the city. She attempts to come to terms with her dilemma by reconnecting with her old friend, Millie Spencer and also the love of her life, Blake Jansen. However, on arrival at her old house, she soon learns that circumstances have changed dramatically during the time she was away and the days that follow seem to unravel in a series of escalating drama and events. Although Julia tries to maintain control, her life seems to snowball towards an all consuming disaster which she appears powerless to prevent.

Julia finds that her choices surrounding love, friends and rebellious teenage behaviour tend to result in dire consequences and repercussions of the worst kind. What is the cause of Julia’s misery and how does she deal with the challenges in her path?

This is a book filled with unexpected plot twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. Don’t miss out on the suspenseful journey of Julia Jones, complete with romance, drama, friendship issues and much, much more.

This fabulous book for teenage girls contains all the elements of an exciting story that girls of all ages will enjoy.


The Review

With the above blurb I was genuinely looking forward to reading the Julia Jones series. After reading the 87 pages of Julia Jones – The Teenage Years (Book One – Falling Apart) I am actually kind of bummed out that I spent time on it.

Our main character, Julia is extremely unlikable. I would go so far as to say she is an insufferable brat. She explodes when things don’t go her way, causes drama, and throws herself on her bed in fits of rage. Then when situations happen around her she comes across as pious and morally righteous; she tries to distance herself from disasters of her own making. Overall, she is a narcissistic whiny little monster.

The problem I have with the series is that it could have been really good. It has all the makings of being like Mean Girls – a fun teenage romp if ever there was one – but it just fails every time a new challenge gets in the way. Unfortunately with such a two dimensional protagonist it was just not likely to happen. I won’t be reading the rest of the series.

Julia Jones – The Teenage Years (Book One – Falling Apart) by Katrina Kahler is available now.

1 star

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