Review: My Flare Lady by Kathleen Nicholls

My Flare LadyTitle: My Flare Lady: A Handbook for Today’s (Diseased) Dame

Author: Kathleen Nicholls

Pages: 136 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

Chronic illness is used as such a ‘catch all’ phrase these days. It covers a myriad of illnesses, diseases and disabilities. But then couldn’t all of those words be used in the same vein? Don’t all chronic illnesses ‘disable’ us in one way or another? Make us feel ‘diseased’?

It’s hard being a sick girl in a modern world. But fear not, My Flare Lady is here to help you thrive AND survive! You look great!

The Review

You know what feeling when you are sick and you pray to every available deity in your previously religion free life that if you can just get back to normal you will be much more grateful for your everyday life? Well imagine knowing that being sick is going to be your normal. Forever. That is what people with a chronic illness (like Kathleen Nicholls and myself) have to live with everyday.

We both have delightful illnesses under the umbrella of IBD. Nicholls has Crohn’s and I have Ulcerative Colitis. It sucks having IBD. It really does.

Personally, I have felt so alone and isolated because of it but when you find someone that gets it (because they have it too) it opens up this world of possibility and opportunity and – in a weird sense – freedom.

Having read Nicholls first book Go Your Crohn Way I knew that here was someone who was in my age range who is dealing with the same things I am: anxiety, weight gain, hospital visits. The whole shebang. Don’t get me wrong, I have read other books about IBD. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power. But here was someone talking to me in a non clinical way about things that I thought I was going crazy thinking about.

It was therefore imperative that I bought and read Nicholls new book My Flare Lady: A Handbook for Today’s (Diseased) Dame by Kathleen Nicholls. A book that was targeted at me even more. I have a vagina, hurrah! Once again, I was charmed by Nicholls grace and humour in the face of such a crappy (pun intended) illness. You read this book and you feel like you are talking to a friend. It is really comforting. I urge anyone with IBD or anyone that knows or loves someone with IBS to read both Go Your Crohn Way and My Flare Lady: A Handbook for Today’s (Diseased) Dame by Kathleen Nicholls. It will give you a better understanding of what we go through on a daily basis and might make you a little bit more understanding when we answer most questions with “I’m fine.”

My Flare Lady: A Handbook for Today’s (Diseased) Dame by Kathleen Nicholls is available now.

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4 Stars


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