Title: Untamed

Author: Glennon Doyle

Pages: 352 Pages

Publisher: Ebury Publishing

The Blurb

Who were you before the world told you who to be?

Part inspiration, part memoir, Untamed explores the joy and peace we discover when we stop striving to meet the expectations of the world, and instead dare to listen to and trust in the voice deep inside us. From the beloved New York Times bestselling author, speaker and activist Glennon Doyle.


For many years, Glennon Doyle denied her discontent. Then, while speaking at a conference, she looked at a woman across the room and fell instantly in love. Three words flooded her mind: There. She. Is. At first, Glennon assumed these words came to her from on high but soon she realised they had come to her from within. This was the voice she had buried beneath decades of numbing addictions and social conditioning. Glennon decided to let go of the world’s expectations of her and reclaim her true untamed self.

Soulful and uproarious, forceful and tender, Untamed is both an intimate memoir and a galvanising wake-up call. It is the story of how one woman learned that a responsible mother is not one who slowly dies for her children, but one who shows them how to fully live. It is also the story of how each of us can begin to trust ourselves enough to set boundaries, make peace with our bodies, honour our anger and heartbreak, and unleash our truest, wildest instincts.

Untamed shows us how to be brave. And, as Glennon insists, ‘The braver we are, the luckier we get.’

The Review

Okay. Full disclosure. I didn’t know that Adele had “bigged” up this book. I bought it a long while ago as an impulse buy when I was feeling a bit needs and book buying seems to curb that feeling. I started reading it not really knowing what to expect. I thought it was fiction. I bought it because I thought the cover was pretty. Kudos to the person that designed it.

I did not know that Untamed was a memoir. I did not know that it was a book about having a positive mental attitude. I think I came to Untamed a little bit unprepared. 

Untamed is a good read. Glennon Doyle is a great writer and manages to get her point across. I did feel much more positive after reading it. I don’t really think there is much more I can say about it than that. I am glad it has found an appreciative audience and I did like it but it wasn’t a book that changed my life the way it did Adele’s.

What I will say is that certain chapters – those on race and sexuality really did leave a lasting impact. For those chapters alone Untamed is worth reading. The rest of the book is just a bonus.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle is available now.

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Title: You Got This – A Fabulous Guide to Being You

Author: Bryony Gordon

Pages: 256 Pages

Publisher: Wren & Rook

The Blurb

I wanted to be a unicorn. I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to be an astronaut.

But the thing I really wanted to be, more than anything else, was a little less like me.

It was only recently that I realised not wanting to be me was at the heart of every dumb decision I ever made. And so now I am writing this book containing all the life lessons I wish someone had taught me.

A book for the teenage girl in me. And for every teenage girl out there. Because the most powerful thing you can be when you grow up is yourself.

Frank and fearless, You Got This openly explores topics like self-respect, body image, masturbation and mental health, making it the perfect companion for young women.


The Review

When I was a teenager I was obsessed with The Teenage Worriers Guides. I didn’t necessarily have many problems but it was through these books that I learned things that you learn in that awkward time before you become an adult. Those books wouldn’t necessarily work for a modern reader – enter Bryony Gordon.

This book deals with real life issues that teenagers go through. Things that may have been a problem when I was younger, not to the extent or pertinence as it is these days such as body image, relationships, mental health. Bryony talks directly to the reader. She doesn’t talk down to them nor does she sound superior in a “been-there-done-that” way but she does give her real life examples of how she has been effected by what has happened to her in her life.

You Got This is a book that should be put in every school library or given out as a gift to teenagers by the government as a guide to getting through those awkward and difficult days.

You Got This by Bryony Gordon is available now.

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Title: Dare – The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks

Author: Barry McDonagh

Pages: 224 Pages

Publisher: BMD Publishing

The Blurb


There’s a new and faster way for anxiety relief, but few have ever heard it. Most people are advised to either just “manage” their anxiety or medicate it away.

If you’re tired of just managing your anxiety and want a powerful natural solution, then apply the ‘Dare’ technique as explained in Barry McDonagh’s latest book.

Based on hard science and over 10 years helping people who suffer from anxiety, Barry McDonagh shares his most effective technique in this new book. The DARE technique can be used by everyone, regardless of age or background, to live a life free from anxiety or panic attacks.

In this step-by-step guide you will discover how to:

  • Stop panic attacks and end feelings of general anxiety.
  • Face any anxious situation you’ve been avoiding (driving/flying/shopping etc.).
  • Put an end to anxious or intrusive thoughts.
  • Use the CORRECT natural supplements to relieve anxiety.
  • Boost your confidence and feel like your old self again.
  • Fall asleep faster and with less anxiety each night.
  • Live a more bold and adventurous life again.


It also comes with a free App for your smartphone as well as four audios for quick anxiety relief. With these new tools you can apply the DARE Response in any situation that makes you anxious (e.g. driving/shopping/traveling). Help is now with you wherever you go!


The Review

Okay. I suffer from panic attacks. They are related to my Ulcerative Colitis and they are horrible. Whilst I await my CBT appointments, I decided to read some books about anxiety. Hence Dare.

There were good points and bad points about this book. Firstly, the bad things. The whole premise of how to get rid of your anxiety is to pretend it is something humorous and silly and then to tell it that it doesn’t bother you. Erm…anyone else thinking this method sounds a little too similar to the JK Rowling spell to get rid of boggarts? Yep, me too. Ridikulas.

However, I did try one trick when I felt a panic attack creeping up. One way was to sing because it releases tension. I am so sorry for the people on the way home to work who had to hear me butchering Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” but it did keep my panic attack at bay.

I’m not sure if everything in Dare will work for me but I did take one thing from it so for that I am grateful.

Dare – The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks by Barry McDonagh is available now.

Title: Happier Thinking

Author: Lana Grace Riva

Pages: 48 Pages

Publisher: Independently Published

The Blurb

Changing how you think is possible. I wasn’t always so sure that was true until I experienced it myself, but I know now we don’t have to just accept unhappiness. Not always anyway. This book is my collection of tips and suggestions that have helped me achieve happier thinking. It’s sort of a gym for my mind. I’d love to tell you it was easier than the real gym but well… it’s not really. It takes time, effort, and practice but it’s absolutely well worth the rewards.


The Review

I am generally a positive person. If things get me down, I will pull a proverbial Taylor Swift and I will shake things off. I will always try to find the positive in a bad situation. I know this can be annoying for some people and I can see how I would crack their corn but what can I say? This is me.

I was excited to get the chance to read Happier Thinking by Lana Grace Riva because it seemed to be the kind of book that I would see as a mirror to how I think about things. I was right. In this rather short book you find a treasure trove of helpful advice. Lana Grace Riva isn’t patronising or disregarding the negative thoughts that a person has but she is challenging you to rethink how you approach a negative situation.

In a similar ilk to The Power and The Secret, Lana Grace Riva’s book makes you think about what you put out in the world. However, the thing that makes Happier Thinking much more palatable is that the length of the book dictates that the same information or ethos isn’t repeated too much throughout.

Happier Thinking is definitely worth a read. If you don’t believe me then why don’t you go and have a rethink about that.

Happier Thinking by Lana Grace Riva is available now.

For more information regarding Lana Grace Riva (@LanaGraceRiva) please visit www.lanagraceriva.com.

101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your TwentiesTitle: 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties (and Let’s Be Honest, Your Thirties too)

Author: Paul Angone

Pages: 254 Pages

Publisher: Moody Publishers

The Blurb

Adulting got you down?

Whether you just polished off your college graduation cake, are in your twenties or thirties struggling through a quarter-life crisis, you’re simply trying to figure out how to become all grown up, or you’re a parent looking for that perfect college graduation gift or Christmas gift for your twentysomething, 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties is the book for you.

To find important life answers in your 20s, you need to start with good questions. Author, speaker, and blogger Paul Angone has dedicated the last 12 years to helping twentysomethings and in this book he culminates his work to give readers wisdom through major life questions like:

What’s the best way to know if you’re actually ready to get married?Where’s the future of work headed and what does having a successful career look like today?How do I make a choice when I don’t know what to choose?How do I stop networking and start “relationshipping”?Why do some people have great marriages while others have complete wrecks before they even make it to the highway?Am I seeing the other side of people’s Instagram photos (you know, the side they’re not exactly posting pictures of)?What are the Pivotal Plot Points of my story?Do I have anyone on my “Dream Team”?

After his success with 101 Secrets for your Twenties and connecting with millions of twentysomethings around the world through speaking engagements and his blog AllGroanUp.com, Paul Angone captures the hilarious, freakishly-accurate assessment of life as a modern-day twentysomething (and thirtysomething) facing real Millennial problems, but now he’s digging even deeper.

If you’re drowning your anxieties in Netflix and ice cream, are afraid you’re failing, going crazy, or both, or are just longing for a little guidance to get past “just getting by,” grab this book and start thriving in the most “defining decade” of your life.

The Review

Oh dear. It is another one of those books that I have read that I am really not enamoured by.

I really wanted to like 101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties by Paul Angone. I mean, ok, I am out of the twenties bracket but I still have questions. What I found was a bunch of tenuous extended metaphors, analogies and self promotion of previous books. It just didn’t leave me satisfied or happy as a reader.

101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties by Paul Angone is available now.

For more information regarding Paul Angone (@PaulAngone) please visit www.allgroanup.com.

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