Review: Rebel Bitch by Sylph Plato

Title: Rebel Bitch Opinions on Dating, Death, Debt, Divorce, and more

Author: Sylph Plato

Pages: 58 Pages

Publisher: Berkano Limited

The Blurb

Instead of being appalling to my friends, family, and clients, I am going to horrify all of you, at least once, hopefully in an amusing way. You will definitely be entertained if you are an analytical thinker.

Some entries are Satirical = The use of irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, or possibly my own warped mental processes.

Some are Thought Experiments = short scenarios or vignettes that pose a moral or philosophical problem in a vivid and concrete way.

Some are Hardcore Thoughts that question commonly-accepted values and assumptions.

Here are some of those acid little thoughts you’ve had but kept to yourself. You’ve been Politically Correct, and Nice. So have I, for the most part. And now these Thoughts must come out; they want to be expressed. They are little burning fires in my mind that no amount of positive thinking will quench.

People get upset when you say these things. They use words like “harc-core”, “brutal”, etcetera. We are thinking beings, and not all our thoughts are lovely and beautiful commentary on people and the world.

The Review

Rebel Bitch was an interesting read. It was interesting because it gave a stark outlook on certain aspects of life. It is reminiscent of The Art of Not Giving a Fuck but less stylistic. There were many parts of this book that I disagreed with, however, I must admit Sylph Plato’s look at debt and money expenditure made a lot of sense to me. It is worth reading just for this section.

Rebel Bitch Opinions on Dating, Death, Debt, Divorce, and more by Sylph Plato is available now.

2 Stars

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