Review: Kasey and Ivy by Alison Hughes

Kasey and IvyTitle: Kasey and Ivy

Author: Alison Hughes

Pages: 192 Pages

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

The Blurb

Through twenty-six letters to her friend Nina, twelve-year-old Kasey chronicles the often humorous observations and impressions of her unexpected, month-long stay in a geriatric ward for the treatment of a rare but treatable bone disease (“osteo-something-something-itis”). Kasey tries to make her life less dull by wearing her own nightgowns, surrounding herself with her favourite stuffies and developing an unusual exercise routine. Hospital food, insomnia and the germy communal bath are enduring sources of dread, but some new (and unexpected) friends make her life bearable.

The Review

What a gorgeous story.

Kasey and Ivy by Alison Hughes is the gorgeous tale of a young girl who has to spend a prolonged period in hospital. Her thoughts are tracked in her almost daily letters to her friend at home. Through them we learn of the comings and goings of the hospital and the inertia that Kasey feels and her desperation to be able to go home along with her acceptance and curiosity about the other patients.

As someone who has spent a lot of time in hospital I found Hughes’ descriptions as painfully accurate. Even down to the less than tasty food.

Kasey and Ivy is such a good story that is completely heart-warming and is definitely best read in one sitting.

Kasey and Ivy by Alison Hughes is available now.

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4 Stars

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