Review: Modern Love by Beau North

Modern LoveTitle: Modern Love

Author: Beau North

Pages: 132 Pages

Publisher: Beau North

The Blurb

“Love at first sight wasn’t meant for millennials,” thinks Alice Aberdeen: art student, recovering addict, David Bowie enthusiast. Alice is among the recently dumped and only wants to keep her nose to the grindstone until she finishes her degree. Her sister has other ideas and sets her up with new-in-town Will Murphy–tall, dark, and aloof.

To say it wasn’t an instant attraction is an understatement: He finds her abrasive, with her sharp tongue and don’t-screw-with-me attitude. She thinks he’s excessively reserved, too damn serious. But the more time Alice spends with Will, the more their slow burn begins to thaw her heart.

A man of two worlds, half-Irish, half-Indian, Will feels at home with Alice. He soon realizes her tough shell is hiding extensive scar tissue–from her addiction and recovery to her spectacularly bad ex-girlfriend to the loss of her mother. Modern Love isn’t a story about love at first sight but learning to love yourself before being able to see the one you love.

The Review

Sometimes you haven’t got time to read. Work is busy, life is getting in the way of essential reading time and you just haven’t managed to hit your yearly book quota. Sound familiar?

Well fear not because in Beau North’s novella Modern Love we have just the thing for you. At 132 pages you can read away whilst not feeling too guilty because you haven’t ironed your clothes for work or got your lunch for tomorrow ready. It is definitely the book for the gal (or guy) on the go.

Modern Love focuses on college student Alice Aberdeen – a free spirited art student who takes crap from no one; certainly not from the handsome but slightly-awkward-that-it-comes-off-as-arrogant Will Murphy. In this will they won’t they he said she said story you find yourself completely lost in the love, frustrated by knowing the characters should be together and warm and fuzzy along the way. As we all know, the course of love never does run smoothly so sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Oh and there is a whole David Bowie theme throughout which, if you are like me and love Bowie, is an added bonus.

Modern Love by Beau North is available now.

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4 Stars

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