Review: The Language of Love by Jean Saunders

The Language of LoveTitle: The Language of Love

Author: Jean Saunders

Pages: 140 Pages

Publisher: Endeavour Press

The Blurb

Every end brings a new beginning…

Widowed at the young age of twenty, Annette Granger vowed that she would never love another man.

Instead, she was going to focus her career and throw herself into making her business a success.

Eight years on, Annette is now running the most accomplished florists in London and although her professional life is soaring to new heights, the same cannot be said for her personal life.

That is, until the mysterious Dutchman Pieter Van Ness walks into her life, turning Annette’s world upside down.

Still devoted to her husband, Annette resists the gorgeous Pieter’s advances despite him awakening a hunger within her that she long thought dead.

Will Annette allow herself to be loved, and more importantly, will she allow herself to love again?

Filled with heart-stopping romance, The Language of Love is a moving tale about new beginning that will have you laughing and crying in equal measures.

The Review

When I initially requested The Language of Love by Jean Saunders from NetGalley I was unaware that it was originally printed in 1983. Not that this is a problem. Great things happened in 1983 such as: the introduction of the (soon to be defunct) pound coin, the song Karma Chameleon was released and – most importantly – I was born. Had I known it was released in 1983 I still would have requested it because it has a lovely cover and I am sucker for them.

I found out its original release date before I started reading and to be honest it helped me along the way quite a lot. For you see The Language of Love is very much of its time. It is a lovely story of a lonely florist who is scared to let her heart be free to love after suffering a terrible loss. And, as is the way with romantic stories, the florist – Annette – finds love with a seemingly arrogant Mr Darcy type. So far, so normal. The issue with The Language of Love is not the story, it is the passage of time since it was released. Readers have adapted and changed and what was relatively acceptable in 1983 isn’t acceptable now. The florid language used to describe the sexy scenes made you think of wind machines and big hair do’s and chiffon nightgowns…possibly with enormous shoulder pads. Also the desires that Annette has to give up her career and raise a family and look after a husband don’t really resonate in 2017.

That being said, if you read the book in context of its original publication date and what society was like in the 1980s it makes it easier to swallow. It is a story about freeing your heart again and in a strange sense it is rather hopeful. It is just a bit cloying for a modern 21st century female reader.

The Language of Love by Jean Saunders is available now.

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3 Stars

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