Review: The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle

Title: The Infinite Moment of Us

Author: Lauren Myracle

Pages: 316 Pages


The Blurb

For as long as she can remember, Wren Gray s goal has been to please her parents. But as high school graduation nears, so does an uncomfortable realization: pleasing her parents once overlapped with pleasing herself, but now . . . not so much. Wren needs to honor her own desires, but how can she if she doesn t even know what they are?Charlie Parker, on the other hand, is painfully aware of his heart s desire. A gentle boy with a troubled past, Charlie has loved Wren since the day he first saw her. But a girl like Wren would never fall for a guy like Charlie at least not the sort of guy Charlie believes himself to be.And yet certain things are written in the stars. And in the summer after high school, Wren s and Charlie s souls will collide. But souls are complicated, as are the bodies that house them . . .

Steamy, romantic, and oh-so-true to life, this is an unforgettable look at first love from one of young adult fiction s finest writers.”

The Review

The Infinite Moment of Us is a young adult novel that borders more on adult than young. Writer, Lauren Myracle tackles subjects such as having sex for the first time, falling in love, gun control and becoming independent from your parents.

The story focuses on Wren and Charlie; two kids from different social worlds who are about to graduate high school. Both have big plans for the future that do not involve each other but when fate lends a hand they both find themselves embroiled in arms of first love. It is passionate and drama filled – everything you expect from YA fiction.

Myracle’s novel is really good. It is well written and you are compelled to read the next page. There were some things that I did find bothersome such as Wren’s insecurities and Charlie’s penchant for fibbing but that is to be expected. Without these emotions then there is no point to reading books. You aren’t meant to like all the decisions a writer has made – where would be the conflict if you did?

My overriding sense of disappointment was because The Infinite Moment of Us ended far too soon. There was more of a story to be told. I wanted more…which is never a bad thing.

The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle is available now.

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35 Stars

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