Review: The A to Z of Everything by Debbie Johnson

A to ZTitle: The A to Z of Everything

Author: Debbie Johnson

Pages: 420 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Blurb

P is for Paris where it all began.

J is for Jealousy where it all came undone.

But the most important letter is F.

F is for Forgiveness, the hardest of all.

Sisters Poppy and Rose used to be as close as two sisters could be, but it’s been over a decade since they last spoke. Until they both receive a call that tells them their mother has gone – without ever having the chance to see her daughters reunited.

Andrea, though, wasn’t the kind of woman to let a little thing like death stand in the way of her plans. Knowing her daughters better than they know themselves, she has left behind one very special last gift – the A-Z of Everything.

The Review

Ok, so let me start by saying that I have read nearly all of Debbie Johnson’s novels and I have loved each and every one of them. I am at that stage of book love where I actively look for the next release and get giddy when I know one is coming.

I was very giddy about The A to Z of Everything but I was less giddy about having to wait until April to have to read it but huzzah the great gods of bookish fortune bestowed a magical copy to me.

I realise I am fangirling a bit here but what are you gonna do?

The A to Z of Everything is brilliant. It is best described as a warm hug of a book. There is no way that you can read about the lives of Andrea and her daughters Poppy and Rose without feeling moved. It is a story of dying but not necessarily through death. It is about not living, it is about forgiveness and it is about having no regrets. It is a multifaceted story that touches you on so many levels and it has the kind of writing that makes it difficult to put the book down. It is an honest-to-god page turner.

Overall, I feel it is a cathartic novel. Johnson has managed to put feelings that I have had into the perfect combination to accurately express my own feelings. It is rare when that happens but when it does it is purely magic. Yes, what I am saying is that you all need to read this book.

The A to Z of Everything is Debbie Johnson’s best work yet.

The A to Z of Everything by Debbie Johnson is available from 20th April 2017.

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