Review: The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even by Anna Bell

Goog GirlfriendTitle: The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even

Author: Anna Bell

Pages: 432 Pages

Publisher: Bonnier Zaffre Books

The Blurb

When Lexi’s sport-mad boyfriend Will skips her friend’s wedding to watch football – after pretending to have food poisoning – it might just be the final whistle for their relationship. But fed up of just getting mad, Lexi decides to even the score. And, when a couple of lost tickets and an ‘accidentally’ broken television lead them to spending extra time together, she’s delighted to realise that revenge might be the best thing that’s happened to their relationship.

And if her clever acts of sabotage prove to be a popular subject for her blog what harm can that do? It’s not as if he’ll ever find out…

The Review

I read Anna Bell’s The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart last year (you can read the review here) and loved it so I jumped at the chance of reading her latest book The Good Girlfriends Guide to Getting Even and you know what I think I love this one more.

I loved the premise that Lexi, being a sport widow, decides to get even. With every punishment she doles out the tension builds and whilst you love what Lexi has done you can’t help but panic a bit as well. You know that the revenge is going to come and bite her on the bottom but that is part of the fun.

Anna Bell has created a fabulous story with characters that are so relatable it almost hurts. The Good Girlfriends Guide to Getting Even is funny, sharp and just plain good fun. I absolutely loved it and you will too!

The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even by Anna Bell is available now.

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