Review: C90 by James Josiah

C90Title: C90

Author: James Josiah

Pages: 68 Pages

Publisher: The Penguin’s Head

The Blurb

Everyone likes The Smiths, don’t they?

The year is 1995 and this is the type of question Ben prefers to busy himself with while trying his best to ignore real life. Armed with an ever growing music collection and a stereo, he sets himself the impossible task of making the best mixtape the world has ever seen for the girl of his dreams.

Four years later, older but no wiser, Ben is struggling to come to terms with the death of a friend. The problems are bigger and the music is louder, but all Ben wants is to make a mixtape for the gig next week.

C90 is a tale of two sides, a story of love, loss and of course music.

The Review

Hmmm. C90 is a funny one. It is an interesting concept – the mixtape reflecting the mood of the novella but the story left me deflated. I wouldn’t like to read it if I was teetering on the edge of depression. It is dark.

The story focuses on Ben during two time periods of his life – first as a teenager when life seemed more optimistic and the possibility of possibilities was rife. The second part of C90 is set four years later when “real life” sets in and the buoyancy of youth is wiped away and the drudgery of being an adult has set in.

I really wanted to like C90 more than I did. I think my feelings about the mighty mixtape are about positivity and C90 made me feel sad about them. Ben was intent on being self-destructive and I think some of the thread of the story were left unfinished.

C90 by James Josiah is available now.

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3 Stars

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