School’s a Bummer! Have a Great Summer!

Hey folks,

Today starts my official annual leave break from work. I work in a high school and it is the summer holidays. Can I get an Amen?

Some people think working in a school is a nice easy cushy job with a ridiculous amount of holiday time. You couldn’t be more wrong. Ok, sure the amount of holidays that we get can seem excessive but I genuinely have never seen someone work harder than a teacher. I am a teaching assistant and no amount of money or gold could incite me to make the leap to become a teacher. Nuh-huh. No way.

So, my summer plans are to do very little and prepare myself for next academic year. I will spend some time writing; looking after my niece (this invariably involves wearing a princess crown and watching Mr Tumble). I am also going to begin a British Sign Language course online. I will be spending time with the boyfriend.

Mostly, I intend to read.

Normally I will have about 14 posts waiting to go live on LisaTalksAbout but because work has been so busy I have lost a bit of the rhythm and so I am now down to 8 posts ready and waiting; 5 of those posts go live next week so I seriously need to get a wiggle on with my reading.

I am going to try my very hardest to get my NetGalley percentage up to 46%. I am currently on 38% but the rating keeps dropping because pesky authors keep releasing books I want to read (shakes fist angrily). So this summer is to try and clear up some of my NetGalley books. I intend to try and read 22 books before the summer is over. I think this is doable but I need to stop requesting other books.

So yes, these are my summer plans.

I hope you are all feeling good and enjoying the lovely (if not sometimes unbearable) hot weather we are having.

Lis x

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