Review: McBusted – The Story of the World’s Biggest Superband by Jennifer Parker

McBustedThe Blurb

This is the first book to tell the full inside story of the world’s most awesome supergroup, McBUSTED.

McBusted takes an exclusive look at the birth of Busted and McFly, two ground-breaking pop-rock bands who journeyed through sell-out arena tours with number-one hits, and the unique friendships that the boys shared from the very beginning.

Packed with behind-the-scenes gossip, it follows the boys through the years, revealing the truth behind Busted’s shock break-up and McFly’s hiatus, the secrets of their private lives, and their roller-coaster ride that fame took them on – both the good times and the bad.

In September 2013, McFly staged their tenth-anniversary show at the Royal Albert Hall and James and Matt were invited along as special guests to perform a medley of hits with the band. The reaction to the six-piece supergroup was stratospheric and the boys decided to take the new suprband on tour – and lo, McBUSTED was born.

McBustedwalks side by side with Tom, James, Danny, Dougie, Matt and Harry as they build the band and provides a backstage pass into the tour, the fans and what the future might hold.

The Review

When I was 21 I was coming home from college (the second time for me, having completed a BTec in Performing Arts I had taken a year out and then gone back to college to study A Levels…not important to the story but I’m just offering a little context) and I received a heartbreaking text from my best friend. My favourite group had split up. Busted were no more.

Some people laughed and told me to get a grip of myself but I was genuinely devastated by the news. Everyone has that one group, you know; that one group that they fall blindly in love with. No one could say anything negative about them. I would defend them until I had basically scared and ranted the hater into submission (this happened quite recently to a member of staff that works in the same school as I – he won’t look me in the eye now…I know it is through fear!).

Before Busted came onto the pop scene the music was terrible. I was tired of listening to Fast Food Rockers and sugary novelty pop. Here came a band that wrote their own music and lyrics and performed live. It was pop at its best. It did so much for the indie craze that followed. It got young people into guitar music again. I will forever be thankful to Busted for doing that.

Anywho, I digress. In 2013 McBusted was born and I got to see two thirds of my favourite band team up with another band that I love and become a superband. It was magical. I know that sounds completely cheesy but anyone who had hoped, prayed and begged to a deity that they would get to see some form of Busted again knows exactly how I feel.

In Jennifer Parker’s book McBusted: The Story of the World’s Biggest Superband, the writer chronicles the history of both bands and the present day excitement of the McBusted and you know what. She bloody nails it.

The respective stories of these six individuals are amazing, from humble beginnings, to heartache and strife and drug abuse to reality TV shows. For people who are relatively young they have lived a life worth reading about. You find yourself chuckling away to yourself throughout McBusted: The Story of the World’s Biggest Superband but there are times of genuine sadness that did bring a tear to my eye. In part, this was probably brought on through nostalgia and rose-tinted spectacles but a lot of it was because of the hopelessness of certain situations.

What comes across more than anything is that Jennifer Parker is a genuine fan of both Busted and McFly. Both bands have not been excluded from negative press coverage whose main goal is to belittle them both and diminish their achievements to cheap pop fodder. For that, I personally thank Parker – you did good, kid!

McBusted: The Story of the World’s Biggest Superband by Jennifer Parker is available now.

You can follow Jennifer Parker (@McBustedBook) on Twitter.

5 Stars


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